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One would use a French-English dictionary to translate words from French to English. Some online French-English dictionaries include Word Reference and the dictionary hosted at French Linguistics.

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Q: What are some free online dictionaries that can be used to translate French words to English?
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Where can one translate from English to French?

There are many sources one might use to translate something from English into French. There are many online websites that offer these services, such as Google Translate.

How can you translate an English sentence to a French sentence?

Use a French dictionary to translate each word or you can use an online translator.

What free online English dictionary is available besides Google Translate?

There are a number of free online English dictionaries available besides Google Translate. Some free dictionaries are 'The Free Dictionary', 'Oxford Dictionaries Online' and 'Collins Dictionary'.

What do you use to make a French word into an English word?

There are various online translators that you can use. You type in an English word and it will translate it to the French word. You can also use an English to French dictionary.

Where can an English to French translator be found online?

There are many places where you can get a English to French translator. If a built in computer translator such as Google Translate won't do, you can try Craigslist, or online translation firms.

Is there a dictionary where it tell you the definition in french?

Yes, there are several online English to French dictionaries; you can find them with an internet search of "English to French definitions".

Where can one find the best French to English translation online?

If you wanted to translate French to English, the best place to go is Google Translator. You just type in what you want to say and in what language you want to translate it to, then Google will read it back to you in the language you require.

What is a good online translator from French to English?

There are many online translators that translate French to English. Some of the best options are: Google Translate, Babylon, FreeTranslation and ParaLink. However, although these are excellent translators, they are not always completely accurate so one must take extra care when using tem.

How can one translate English to Portuguese online?

There are many ways one can translate English to Portuguese online. One can translate English to Portuguese online by using popular on the web sources such as Free Translation or Bing Translator.

How to learn to write a letter in French?

The same way you would write a letter in English, you just need to translate it into French. A French dictionary or an online translator might be helpful.

Where can one find an accurate English to French online translator?

Google Translate has an amazing English to French Translator. It is very accurate and there is no downloading involved like with most translators. Highly recommended.

What is the best online browser that can translate English to French?

Currently google chrome has the feature that makes you translate any given site that you browse on to translate whatever language into English, French or otherwise. It come sin handy and is very easy to use and can be quite effective when you are not able to understand French or any other Language that a certain web page may be using.