What are some fun board games to play on a rainy day?

Fun board games huh?

I would say something like poker, Cluedo, or Monopoly


I love RoboRally and Carcassonne. Blokus and Apples to Apples are good too, if you aren't near a specialty game store, and can't wait to order them online. It depends on what kinds of games you like. Twixt and Go are pretty classic strategy games, and if you are including card games, then Double Pinochle is awesome. :) Rummikub is always fun, and Cribbage or Rook or Phase 10 or Canasta (Hand and Foot) are good ones too.

There are lots of Trivial Pursuit games out... I like the Star Wars version myself. And how about Settlers of Catan or Alhambra? For battle, you could try Stratego or Risk, and if you are a Word game fanatic, then Scrabble (or even better, Super Scrabble) is a classic... or Rummikub Word, but that one is hard to get in the US.

Anyway, there are TONS more, but that is a start. :)

Even More

Well, very good games are, Scattegories, madgab, pictionary, clue and many more!

Theres Scattergories, and wordsters, and the Lost Mountain of God and Operation and you can have a Bop-It tournament. Uno-Attack is fun and so is Disney Scene it and regular Scene it. Clue is a fun game too! Some more are mindtrap and life. If you have youngsters they'd like Elefun.

some good ones are mouse trap, cadoo , moa hunt , game of life , monoply , cluedo DVD and operation shrek