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places to go...things to see...Well, there's always Disneyland and California Adventure. Some other amusement parks are Knott's, Magic Mountain, and Sea World. You can also go to the Pantages theatre in Hollywood and see a show along with the sidewalk stars. You can also go to a water park like Raging Waters or Hurricane.

Then there's Universal Studios, always fun for the kids just like Disneyland because you can see scenes of movies as well as mini shows, characters and of course, rides. in between LA and San Diego in Carlsbad where they have a Wild Animal park and they allow more interaction with some animals than offered at the San Diego Zoo which is another great family attraction. Also in Carlsbad is LegoLand which is huge with the kids. A lot of locals really like that as well as the vacationers. When booking through a travel agency, they also give ideas on attractions and activities and sometimes even provide discounted tickets to select shows and places. is a known booking site in Southern California, but have resorts all over the country. Go to them to get the best deals on luxury resorts with affordable prices and in California for the best beachfront resorts.

Dont forget to visit San Francisco! The 5th most visited city in the US. Visit some great historical sites and nature views. There are many theme parks such as Great America and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as well. Or even visit the capital city, Sacramento.

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Q: What are some fun family attractions to visit while vacationing in California?
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Southern California is always a good place to spend a holiday. With the many attractions that you can visit and the good prices for food and drinks. Best prices for a flight or a stay in South California are usually on the "last-minute" websites that even offer you a decent hotel.

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