What are some fun school lunch ideas for an eight year old?


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Some fun lunch ideas for kids could be peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with apple slices and carrot sticks , peanut butter and banana tortilla, juice, apple sticks and cheeses slices.

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Some healthy lunch ideas can include some of the classic lunch meals. A sandwich and juice box are staples of school lunches and can also be very healthy.

Some fun ideas for school lunches are: cut a sandwich (if included in the lunch) into a cool shape, package the lunch in a cool lunch pale (instead of boring brown bag), base the items in the meal around a theme, package items that require assembly before eating (like lunchables or pizza bagels).

You can find popular lunch recipes on Delish.com. Lunch on there range anywhere from salad, soups and sandwiches. You can also find some healthy lunch ideas on Kaboose.com.

Some great ideas for kid's school lunches would be fresh fruit, soups, high proteins such as ham and cheese, or peanut butter. You can send them juice or water with a flavor packet.

Some good lunch appetizer ideas are bruschetta, deviled eggs, chicken wings, tortilla chips with dip, potato skins, cocktail meatballs, and cheese balls.

There are many healthy, hearty ideas for making your child's lunch. You can find good recipes from the food channel or going to your local bookstore.

some foods in school are acceptable, but others are disgusting.

It depends on what the school lunch is. If it's vegetables, meat and .... let's say pasta then that is healthy. Maybe do some research on healthy foods and suggest some to the lunch staff to create healthier (But Nice) school lunches =D

If you want some lunch ideas, try looking on the following websites: Good To Know, BBC Good Food and All Recipes. There's also a specialised website that is called Cheap Lunch Idea.

Some good lunch menu ideas can be found from food and cooking-related websites such as the Food Network or Martha Stewart. One can typically read recipe books to find suitable ideas as well.

Some good lunch ideas for a picnic are sandwiches, fresh salads, chips, fruits, and desserts along with some sodas or juice. Make sure you take enough water bottles to keep you hydrated.

If you would like some resources on quick foods you can try many websites. You can try foodnetwork websites or allrecipes websites. you can find many ideas for quick lunch ideas.

Some kickback ideas for teens are read a good book and study for school.

Some do, some do not. It depends on the school.

There are many unique ideas one can use for a Christmas lunch menu. You can have a fish platter, together with the traditional turkey, or you can try other types of vegetables, instead of the traditional sprouts.

I highly suggest the following:http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes_menus/recipe_slideshows/cheap_healthy_lunch_ideas_for_work and http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/cheap-and-healthy-brown-bag-lunch-ideas-for-grownups.

The Kaboose website at http://recipes.kaboose.com/lunch-recipes.html offers a variety of quick lunch ideas. These offerings include traditional sandwiches, but also suggest kid-friendly soups, salads and ethnic foods such as Mexican or Asian.

Middle schools can have different start times and lunch times. Some middle schools might start at 9AM, others at 8:30AM, some closer to 8. I've seen lunch begin at 11:20. The school at work at right now has lunch at 12:10. Also, many schools have 2 lunch periods: 1 for half the school or 1 grade level and another lunch for the other half of the school or another grade level. So there is no single answer. It varies greatly.

You can do sandwiches, wraps, salads, there are soups that come in a cup that you just heat and drink. You could cut up fruit, take cookies or muffins. There are plenty of options.

Ideas for Market Day for school can be any handmade item. Some type of paper origami, magnets, and ornaments are good ideas for items to make.

Eggs are a great meal idea for any meal of the day and not just breakfast. Some great lunch ideas using eggs are an omlette or even just eggs scrambled together with things like green peppers and sausage.

school lunch are some times nice and some of them are good and yes the school lunches are very it can make you fix and strong

Yes they do.....At least some of them do

They eat pastas or like a salad anyhting really that relates to vegetables

Because some kids are able to do this, they should be allowed as long as they come and leave with in times designated by the school district there is no reason kids shouldn't be able to leave school for lunch.

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