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seeing if plants sneeze

There are tons of different science fair projects that are fun. Try some like making maple syrup, photosynthesis, the solar system, or soap making.

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the purpose of science fair projects is teachers want the students to be educated , but also have fun so put science , fairs , and fun together and create science fairs.

think of a question that you ask your self a lot about then do a lot of reacherch and be origanal and have fun.

Middle school science fair projects can be loads of fun. A couple of ideas are, What glows under a black light? And, Does catnip repel roaches better than DEET?

here check out this video it is 4 beginners or just 4 fun :)

Yes. It is a great science fair project. Easy and fun

I used to love Science projects for the Science Fair when I was in school. I would do something simple, but fun, and make a volcano. It requires minimal ingredients, with the main ones being baking soda and vinegar. You can use food coloring to make it more fun!

Technically no, but some are still around and are not used,but then again some are used at festivals. This is true but people today make and use little catapults still, but for fun and in science fair projects like me.

You ask your friends/relatives/neighbors what they did, and that should either give you an idea, or spark your imagination for your own unique idea. :) You could always go to and search "Fun Science Projects" or whatever type of science project you want to do (:

you could do varias types of ice cream and chuse the bet one but not because of the colore it also has to taste good and look good..............

Ask anyone you know for ideas and sit down and think or you can look on the Internet and a great website is Hope I'd helped you with your science fair project and have a fun time. :):): P.S. Have fun and Play Safe:):) <3

Hi I need a cool yet fun science fair and it has to be fast and I want to have a good chance on winning first place

Something like " A wonderful educational and fun activity for students no matter how old.'.

"Science is COOL! Science is FUN! I can DO Science!" "Science is COOL! Science is FUN! I can DO Science!" "Science is COOL! Science is FUN! I can DO Science!"

Some good science projects for kids are: - Oil and water - Put a egg in salt water and see what happens - Which ice cube will melt the fastest? One with pepper on it. One with salt on it and a regular ice cube Source: a science projects for kids book Try the Make it Work Series by World Book. They have a lot of great and fun science project for kids.

science is a really fun subject, you get to experiment!

yes! why? 1.because you can learn so many things is fun

Volcanoes do not form from kids. The only volcanoes formed by kids are science projects or projects done for fun.

The fun fair is 'la fête foraine' in French.

I did this experiment a couple years ago it was titled "Cookie - baking soda equals ?" It was really fun and really easy all i did was make one batch of cookies with baking soda and one with out. I recorded the difference in each one and I was done!

Store bought soil is probably loaded with organic materials that will help plants, while some outside soil may be lighter in color and lacking these materials. But that all depends on the location of the outside soil. Science Fair projects are so fun! Enjoy.

Science is a fun and interesting subject to learn about. If your son has taken a huge interest in science, you can teach him how to build a rocket or a volcano. These are some fun experiments you can try to do with him.

it could be a easy fun project but not always. you will get an alkaseltzer project approved but a science teacher will not be crazy about it. think it over p.s. good luck

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