What are some funny jokes about uniforms?

Caution, some of these may be inappropriate for young viewers:

I was clearing out my late German Grandfather's closet and decided to give all his old clothes to the local charity shop.

I handed over the bag of clothes to the shop assistant who was rummaging through it when a horrified expression formed on her face.

"How dare you bring this uniform in to my shop" she exclaimed angrily. "This is a symbol of pain, shame and humiliation."

Hugely embarrassed at this turn of events, I quickly took back the bag.

"I'm truly sorry" I said. "I had no idea he was an Arsenal fan."

My daughter's new school uniform is really quite slutty.
That's just one of the benefits of home-schooling.

I asked my girlfriend to dress up for me last night.

She walked into the bedroom dressed up in a school uniform.

I thought that she would have chosen something a little different considering she wears that 5 days a week anyway.

They say that women love a man in uniform.

I think that's rubbish. I've been out clubbing in my McDonald's uniform for the last three nights and I haven't had any success.