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chic, freak, sista, fierce...

Work those b*tchy gams...

you have to see the video to understand:

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Q: What are some gay slangs?
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How do you say im a freak in Brazilian language?

That person is homossexual, gay, viado, bicha ( the last ones are slangs)

Are slangs allowed in scrabble?

No lol

What are some slangs to use when talking with friends?

pal means friend. bro buddy

Can you give me some jamaican words?

Some Jamaican words are: "Pree" - Look "Chargie" - Friend or partner in crime Some Jamaican slangs are: "Wah gwan?" - What's going on "Big up yuself" - Big up yourself I came up with a long list of popular Jamaican slang words and phrases used in everyday conversations. The list includes greetings, street slangs, female slangs, pickup lines, proverbs, and more. A standard English translation is also provided with each. You can check it out here: neilyhype. com/jamaican-slang-words-and-phrases/ Bless up!

What is the nickname for an FBI agent?

There arte lots of slangs for them.

Are some footballers gay?

Yeah,some footballers are gay

What goals did Beyonce achive?

She a achieved going to school and dealing with raises slangs about her

What are some US Navy slangs?

Hatch - door , overhead - ceiling , deck - floor , head - bathroom , etc . . . see related link below to an extensive list .

Why do some people look gay?

if straight people look gay, its because some women like men that act like that, if they are gay and look gay, then they are gay...

Is some people gay?

Yes, some people are gay.

How gay can you get?

Some people are 100% gay. That's as gay as you can get.

Is alexandre despatie gay?

YES and NO some pictures are convincing to be gay HE IS GAY

How do you say money in Brazilian Portuguese?

Dinheiro ( slangs = carvão, gaita, grana, mango)

Are some guys gay?

Yes, some guys are gay, but most are not.

Are most transvistes gay?

Not at all. Some are gay, some are straight.

Are gay people comfortable being gay?

Some are, some aren't. It appears that gay people who have come out -- publicly acknowledged being gay -- are more comfortable than gay people who are "in the closet," that is, who hide it.

What are some names of charities that are focused on people?

gay gay gay!

What are the most commonly used teenage slangs?

most teenagers slangs are: 1. Lol-means (laugh out loud) 2. GTG-means (got to go) 3. Brb-means (be right back) 4. BTW-means (by the way) 5. Boo-means (a boyfriend or girlfriend) 6. plz-means (please) 7. bbl-means (be back later) 8. iight-means (alright) There is more slangs that teenagers use.

Why are gay people so funny?

Some gay people are funny and some are not. Being gay has nothing to do with being funny.

Do gay men hide their orientation?

Some gay men do, and some don't.

Are some somatic narcissists gay?

Yes, there are some somatic narcissists who are gay.

Are Mandarin and Cantonese characters the same?

Yes, both Mandarin and Cantonese characters are the same. However, the pronunciations and slangs are different. There are also different Mandarin and Cantonese names for some things.

Are republicans secretly gay?

Some Republicans are secretly gay, just as some Democrats are secretly gay. A closeted gay person can be affiliated with any political party.

Can vicars be gay?

Yes, anyone can be gay and there are indeed some gay vicars.

What are the slangs that always used instead of how are you?

Most people say "how ya doing?" or "how's it going?"