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It's best to see your doctor to be sure there isn't a reason for your constipation. Your doctor can prescribe some over-the-counter medications to keep your stools soft.

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What are contraindications of laxatives?

Some contraindications for laxatives are: Rectal bleeding, vomiting, appendicitis, and abdominal pain.

How many laxatives do bulimics take each day?

It depends on the person, some might not take any laxatives, and some might take way too many.

How do you lose weight on laxatives?

Laxatives only get rid of water weight. They are not effective in real weight loss, and can also have some gross and even some dangerous side effects.

Is the Lipizzaner horse gentle?

It is difficult to steriotype breeds like that. There will be some gentle Lipizzaner horses, and some not so gentle.

What are some things in the bathroom that start with the letter I?


How do you ge rid of constipation?

Drink lots of water and get some laxatives.

Which animals are gentle?

Snakes are graceful but dangerousSome birds of prey are graceful but dangerousFish that are not predators are gentleButterflies are gentleKittens and Puppies are gentleBeavers are gentle

Will using laxatives help you lose weight?

They help, but only if you take them in moderation and the gentle kind that get you moving in the morning, but not all day long if you know what I mean. Get gentle laxatives from the local health food store, use them for a weekend to clean yourself out and start your exercise and diet routine. Don't use them for an extended period of time. Perhaps one weekend per month to clean your system. There is not substitute for healthy living (exercise and good diet).

How does laxatives cause constipation?

Laxatives do not cause constipation, they are used to relieve constipation. There are different classes of laxatives - bulk laxatives, cathartics, stool softeners, etc. - and they each have a different mechanism of action.

Do laxatives prevent pregnancy's?

Laxatives can cause infertility. Talk to your doctor.

What is laxatives and diuretics?

laxatives make you poo and diuretics make you pee.

Can laxatives aid weight loss?

Laxatives can indeed aid in weight loss. That is the reason why laxatives are used by individuals suffering from anorexia nervosa.

How many calories in laxatives?

It depends on the type. Generally the answer is none. But occasionally laxatives come in food forms. Like as part of a candy bar. In this case they may have some calories.

what are some natural laxatives for dogs?

There are a variety of natural laxatives that are safe to give to dogs including: water, pumpkin, bran, milk, olive oil, milk of magnesium, and Metamucil.

What are some bathroom items that start with the letters La?

laxatives,laundry basket,

What do you call does chocolate that makes you poop n where can they be bought?

laxatives get some at a drugstore

What are some examples of laxatives?

X-lax is the only one I know, sorry,.

Would laxatives decrease the chances of pregnancy?

Laxatives will not affect the risk of pregnancy.

Do laxatives affect Depo-Provera?

Laxatives do not affect Depo Provera. Since it doesn't get into your digestive tract, it won't even know the laxatives are there.

Who invented laxatives?

Laxatives are very helpful when a person needs to relieve themselves. The first medical laxatives were invented by a Dr. C. B. Fleet.

What are some good laxatives that work right away or at least in the range of 1-3 hours?

Most laxatives do work, but only to some extent. Usually, they help the body release stored waste and water. The weight lost is not actual weight. Also, laxatives can be very dangerous. They can cause permanent damage and even death. They should only be used in dire cases, and even then only all-natural laxatives should be used.

What type of animals are gentle?

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What are some nicknames of the manatee?

One of them is the "Gentle Giant" because they are huge and so gentle.

How do you spike a drink with laxatives?

Spiking a drink with laxatives can lead to a charge of assault or battery.

What if you havent pooped for 15 days?

You need to see a doctor or take some laxatives.