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What are some gold rush slogans?

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thiers gol' up on that hi'

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Cariboo gold rush slogans?

i dont no

What are some catchy gold slogans?

Gold, the currency of Kings.

What was California gol rush?

its a California Gold Rush its a California Gold Rush its a California Gold Rush its a California Gold Rush

What are some environmental problems in the California gold rush?

An environmental problem with the California gold rush is the contamination

Why was the gold rush called the gold rush?

People rushed to find gold. Hence, "Gold Rush."

What are some gold rush nicknames?


What American gold rush was before the Victorian gold rush?

The Californian gold rush!

What are catchy slogans for gold?


What are good slogans for gold?

gold: its always in first place

What are funny slogans for gold?

get gold so it wont get to old

What are some questions about the California gold rush?

Which immigrants created the biggest influx of population to California at the time? What was a result of the California gold rush? Why was discrimination created against the immigrants during the gold rush? At what time period was the California gold rush during? What Acts were enacted against immigrants during the California gold rush?

Why did the people want gold so bad during the gold rush?

people wanted gold so bad because the gold rush had it and they almost had it all and they wanted some of it

What were some of the bad consequences of a gold rush the Australian?

you turn into gold and you get mined

What were some significant events that happened in the Gold Rush?

One of the most significant events of the Gold Rush was the initial finding of gold. Other things that came about as a result of the Gold Rush was the settlement of the American West as people moved there to make their fortunes in gold.

Why was Sutter's mill so important?

Sutters mill was a mill owned by some dude by the name of John W. Marshall. He discovered some gold in it prior to the Gold Rush. His secret somehow spread and that is how the Californian Gold Rush began. Remember, the gold rush is what caused thousands of people into the state, and eventually the gold rush led to California becoming a state.

How much gold did gold rush find?

The gold rush found lots of gold

When was the gold rush?

The Gold Rush happened in 1849.

What the famous gold rush?

California gold rush

How long did the Yukon Gold Rush last?

The Yukon Gold Rush has the same name as the Klondike Gold Rush and the Alaska Gold Rush. The years of the gold rushes lasted from 1896 to 1899.

What was the biggest gold rush in history?

The largest gold rush in history was the California Gold Rush of 1848 to 1855.

When was the first Gold Rush?

The first American gold rush was in 1828 in Georgia and it was before they California Gold Rush

When was the gold rush of the old west?

California Gold Rush was in 1849 (I honestly think that there is no other gold rush)

Was the California Gold Rush the first Gold Rush?

No, but the first North American gold rush was in Georgia, 1828.

How did they mine gold during the gold rush?

Yes, that is why it is called the gold rush.

What are some American contributions to Canada?

I believe that some Americans gave some gold to Canada when the Gold Rush happened.

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