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personaly i use nemu

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Q: What are some good Nintendo 64 emulators?
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What are some examples of Nintendo 64 emulators?

There are several popular Nintendo 64 Emulators available online. Examples include those found on the 'Emulator Zone', 'CoolROM', 'PJ64-Emu' and 'Source Force' websites.

Where can one find roms for a nintendo 64 emulator?

The best place is Freerom's website. It has a whole list of Roms for Nintendo 64 emulators. Also they are categorized in a list of top 20 popular roms for Nintendo 64. Also it gives you download options for emulators if you don't have one.

Is there a portable Nintendo 64?

No but if you have a laptop and download a N-64 emulator, you can have a portable N-64. You can download emulators from and

How do you play Mario 64 on computer with out downloading?

You can't. There are no sufficiently developed web-based emulators for the Nintendo 64.

What are the controls for Nintendo 64 on the computer?

Most N64 emulators have a menu where you can change the controller settings.

Can you download video games from the internet?

Yes, there are emulators that can run ROM's of video games. you have to have a Nintendo 64 emulator to be able to play Nintendo 64 ROM's that you have downloaded. This is, of course, pirating and is illegal.

Where do i find a cheap Nintendo 64?

eBay is a good place to locate used Nintendo 64 consoles.

What does the Nintendo 64DD do?

The 64DD was a very rare disk drive for Nintendo 64 that was only released in Japan and had some good games on it.

Is Nintendo 64 backwards compatible?

No, the Nintendo 64 is only compatible with Nintendo 64 Games.

How much would Nintendo 64 be worth today?

A used Nintendo 64 goes for about 30 to 40 bucks in good condition.

Why arent your Nintendo 64 games not working?

Because they are in good condition? Did you mean to ask "Why aren't my Nintendo 64 games working?"

What are some good games for the NIntendo 64 game?

The best selling game for the Nintendo 64 game box is Super Mario 64. Other popular games include The Legend of Zelda:Majoria's Mask, Golden Eye and Perfect Dark.

Where can you play UN squadron on PC?

You can download a super Nintendo emulator and then download the game and play it on your PC. The best thing about doing this is that there's an emulator for just about every game system (all the way up to PlayStation, that i know of) and you can find almost any game that you can think of doing this. The best emulators that i know of are:Nintendo --------- NestopiaSuper Nintendo - ZSNESNintendo 64 ----- Project 64There are more emulators out there and tons of games (roms) , you just have to find them. You can go to http:/ They have a lot of roms and emulators.Hope this helps you(by the way, UN Squadron, AWESOME GAME!!!!)

What company made Nintendo 64?

Nintendo made the Nintendo 64.

When did the Nintendo 64 discontinue Nintendo 64?

Do you mean when did Nintendo discontinue the Nintendo 64? If that's what your'e asking than the answer is 2003.

Were do you buy Zelda oot for the cumputer?

Gaby2107 says:You cant, sorry. Only on Nintendo 64. oh yeah, and the people use emulators on video's.

What is project 64 1.6?

its a Nintendo 64 emulator u can get the games here (roms) - ROMs and Emulators - SNES ROMs NES ROMs N64 ROMs MAME ROMs GBA ROMs NDS ROMs

Where is the best place to buy an emulator for Nintendo 64?

some emulators cost money. that's whats sad. u go to youll find out which ones costBuying an Emulator for Nintendo 64go to to download a emulator, you don't have to buy it, what a dipchit to buy it?!!!All the emulators are free so you can fill your computer with them freely

How do you get Nintendo 64 games on your PC?

You would accomplish this with an emulator. Emulators can be found at For Nintendo 64 I would recommend the project64 emulator For the games, they can also be found at under ROM files. Or you could search for games at Hope this helps

How do you say Nintendo 64 in Spanish?

Nintendo 64

Why does Nintendo 64 have 64 in it?

The 64 was the graphics of the game console. In other words, the Nintendo 64 had 64 bits.

Do Nintendo 64 games work in a Super Nintendo?

no. the snes or super Nintendo was made before the Nintendo 64. plus, the snes is less powerful then the 64.

How much does Nintendo 64 cost?

At present a new Nintendo 64 can cost you as much as $1200, however, you can get a used one in good condition for around $40.

Where was Nintendo 64 created?

The Nintendo 64 like all Nintendo consoles were created in Japan.

Can you play Nintendo 64 on your Nintendo DS?

No. One Nintendo 64 cartridge is about the size of a DS.

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