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What are some good classes to take in college to help you become a better dentist?

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Any math and science classes would help, like anatomy & physiology, Biology, chemistry, etc.

2006-08-11 12:18:40
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Q: What are some good classes to take in college to help you become a better dentist?
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Can a dentist become better during his or her career?

Yes. If a dentist likes his job and continually studies to make his or her treatements better, he or she will definatly become better being a dentist.

Which classes are better college prepatory or honors?


How does one become a firefighter?

One of the steps to become a firefighter is to become an EMT and also be prepared for a background check. Take fire technology classes at a local community college in order to be better prepared to take the firefighter test.

Does what college you go to effect your chances of becoming a dentist?

yes, way better to go straight to university

How many years of college do you need to become a photographer?

No Degree is Neededclasses at night. You should go for 4 years to an art school to be the best you can possibly be!!as long as you study it the better you become but you have to have creative skills

What collage classes are needed to become a photographer?

I assume you mean "college" unless you're actually asking about "collage classes" (in that case, I'd say "one"). The answer is none, but you'll probably be a better photographer if you go to art school and take classes on lighting, design, perspective, printing, etc.

Is ice or heat better for severe hip pain?

You can find classes to train you for an intern at a local hospital at your local community college or private college. Either will have classes to help you in your career quest.

Is a orthodontist better than a dentist?

in orthodontist is not better than a dentist he just makes more money!

What is better to be a dentist or veterinary doctor?

It depends on what your better at.

Why did Steve jobs attend college?

To learn more and become better in his area of expertise, that is why everyone goes to college!

What is better straight classes or mixed?

Straight classes are better than split classes because they just are.

What are the requirements for an orthodontist?

some requierments to become an orthodontist are having a 2.0 or better,be a dentist for 6 years,get good grades in certain things

Is gaming laptop better than notebooks? need to go to the local community college and take some classes!

Does it look better to get a B in an AP-GT course or an A in an Honors course?

It is better to get a B in an AP class then an A in an Honors class, just as it is better to get a B in an Honors class then an A in a College Prep class. When colleges look at your application, they want to know that you are challenging yourself and taking hard classes, because they are essentially looking to see how well you will do in their school. AP classes are considered to be tougher then Honors classes, because AP classes are introductory college classes that are taken during high school- that's why some colleges give credit for a high enough AP test score. However, Honors classes are really just advanced high school classes. Grade reviews done for college entrance are done in an 'over-all' manner. The amount of honors classes taken will be noted and average GPA. Other classes will be looked at, and also that GPA. Individual classes are very seldom picked out to review grades, unless you are seeking to enter a very specialized field, and have taken many college prep classes in that area as honors classes. Most high schools do not offer enough 'specialized' prep classes for specific college interest.

What is better mixed classes or straight?

Mixed classes are better because they just are

To become a pro soccer player do you have to go to college?

It is better and then you can have something else to do other than soccer. But it would be better so you could play college ball.

What are the daily tasks of a dentist?

pediatric dentist inform children and there parents about how to brush and floss better

Is dentist better than physician?

Neither is 'better'. They are different disciplines.

What should you study in college to become a veterinary assistant?

In the United States, you are not required to take any college classes to be a veterinary ASSISTANT - this is a lay position that does not have any formal training requirements. There are many college degrees to become a veterinary TECHNICIAN, which is what I would recommend you pursue if this is your dream. Veterinary technicians are typically paid better than veterinary assistants, and they have more responsibilities and duties than a veterinary assistant does. However, if you want to learn more to be a better veterinary assistant, I would suggest taking courses related to biology - zoology, botany, microbiology, etc. Some chemistry classes would be helpful too.

Can you take classes online to become a dental hygienist?

You can take courses online from certain colleges. But the classes that are required for this degree, also require a lot of Lab work. So most you can not. You can take some nutrition and mathematics classes online. But for the most part you kind of have to be in class to get the experience... Plus a state college degree looks a lot better than a cheesy online college, its olbvious if you get your certificate that way that you didnt have much hands on experience. So you deside.

When do you start getting credits for being in honors classes in high school?

8th grade grades go toward high school classes, all high school classes go towards college applications...honors can get you into better colleges

Do you need to go to college to become a comedian?

No, but it would be better of one does go to college because from what I noticed, most of the really good comedians went to college.

What pays better a pediacian or a dentist?

A career as a pediatrician would pay better than a career as a dentist. The average salary of a pediatrician per year is about $154,000 while the average salary of a dentist per year is $145,000.

Is honors classes better than AP classes?

AP classes are the highest

Is better junior college than college?

It depends. As far as education, usually not, but if you're just taking some basic classes to get them out of the way, yes, because it saves you a ton of money.