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This is pretty normal and it's "the pecking order." I know it usually drives the mothers crazy prying them apart. Do the best you can do, then let your husband deal with some of this. Sometimes the father speaking to their boys comes off better (a man thing) than from good old mom. I wouldn't worry too much about this. I have 2 nephews one is 19 years old and the other almost 22. They nearly drove their mother mad with their fighting when they were growing up, but they are like twins now. Where one goes the other does and they back each other up 100%. While my nephews stayed in my home I would whack the table with a piece of rubber hose (the "equalizer") and tell them to knock it off. I'd put them in different rooms (sending the oldest to watch TV) while I let the youngest help me in the kitchen. It gave them time to cool off. I would NEVER hit those kids with that hose (although God only knows it was tempting at times LOL) but once they saw that smack the table they knew they couldn't push my buttons anymore. Worked for me and yup, they still love their auntie. We laugh about it now. Perhaps some of the moms on this board will have some better ideas and I'm going to be interested in seeing what they are. I learn something every day. Marcy

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Q: What are some good ideas for cooling sibling rivalry and fighting between brothers who are three and four?
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