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Good ideas for creating a unique Thanksgiving cake can be found from Martha Stewart website. They offer different kinds of cake recipes for your choice.

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What day is Thanksgiving in the United States

Approximately how many turkeys are eaten each year on Thanksgiving in the United States

Which southern US state was the first to adopt Thanksgiving in 1855

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Q: What are some good ideas for creating a unique Thanksgiving cake?
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What are some ideas for cake decorating?

If I were to decorate a cake, I would use a lot of the party themed elements on the cake. I would probably bake the cake into a unique shappe of the person's favorite person or thing.

Where was the first European Thanksgiving in America at and when?


I need to find birthday cake ideas for my daughters birthday party.?

The easiest place to find cake ideas is in a cake book. Check with your local bookstore or library for some good ideas. You can also visit a local cake shop for ideas.

Where can you find Christmas cake decorating ideas?

You can find Christmas cake decorating ideas from websites such as The Pink Whisk, Cake Crafts Shop. You can also get additional Christmas cake decorating ideas from YouTube videos.

What did people from the 13 colonies eat for thanksgiving?

applesauce cookies,gingerbread orange cake, hardtack cake, idiots cake, corn muffins, Lincoln cake.

What are a few birthday cake ideas for my daughters birthday ?

When you are looking for birthday cake ideas, l would recommend the cookery channel websites. You will find many great birthday cake ideas and customer feedback is useful in helping you to decide which of the birthday cake ideas are suitable for your daughter.

Where can I find birthday cake ideas online for a 50th birthday party?

You can make him an over the hills cake, a beer cake, a cake that looks like boobs, there are lots of options. You could also check Pinterest of 50th birthday cake ideas.

Where can one find cake decorating ideas?

Cake decorating ideas can be found online on any cooking websites. They are great for those of you who are planning to make a cake for any child of yours.

Was apple cake part of the first thanksgiving celebration?

no because it would burn

What are some baby shower cake ideas?

Some baby shower cake ideas are color-themed cakes that are blue for a boy and pink for a girl, for instance. Other good baby shower cake ideas are designing the cake to look like a cute animal like a stuffed bear.

What purpose does baking soda serve in a cake?

Its helps it rise by creating C02 with acids in the cake batter

Where can I find some boy's birthday cake ideas?

A great place to look for birthday cake ideas is online at Pinterest, they have tons of great ideas from users. Many more ideas can be found on the website Parents, and also Allrecipes.

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