What are some good leadership qualities?

The first and most important quality in being a good leader is that the leader will be understanding and supportive. Good leaders always take the blame for a loss, turnover, miss executed play, etc. If the problem wasn't the leader's fault, they won't blame anyone else; they either blame themselves, or don't say anything.

Leaders also know how to take charge. When the rest of the team seems confused, the leader will take control and guide the rest of the members.

Leaders know how to stay calm under pressure. While normal people may crack or feel flustered, leaders know how to guide their team to victory and stay cool.

Leaders also must have confidence in their teem members, to have a good communication and, to let your teem mates improve themselves. If a mistake is done, the leader will accept the mistake and take that mistake to improve the teem.
Bravery, Confident, Intellegent, Smart, and Independent.