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What are some good leadership qualities?

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The first and most important quality in being a good leader is that the leader will be understanding and supportive. Good leaders always take the blame for a loss, turnover, miss executed play, etc. If the problem wasn't the leader's fault, they won't blame anyone else; they either blame themselves, or don't say anything.

Leaders also know how to take charge. When the rest of the team seems confused, the leader will take control and guide the rest of the members.

Leaders know how to stay calm under pressure. While normal people may crack or feel flustered, leaders know how to guide their team to victory and stay cool.

Leaders also must have confidence in their teem members, to have a good communication and, to let your teem mates improve themselves. If a mistake is done, the leader will accept the mistake and take that mistake to improve the teem.
Bravery, Confident, Intellegent, Smart, and Independent.

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What are some leadership qualities?

some leadership qualities can be understanding in other relationships with others<

What is the different between leader and leadreship?

Leadership is the qualities of what a leader is, and a leader is someone who has leadership. For example, if I said you have good leadership, I would be saying you have good qualities of a leader.

What are some leadership qualities that begin with the letter A?

Two leadership qualities that begin with A are active and assertive.

What are Queen Elizabeths qualities of leadership?

She kept England at peace for 30 years and supported exploration. Her qualities of leadership were good.

What are the Leadership qualities of dhirubhai ambani?

leadership qualities of dhirubhai ambani leadership qualities of dhirubhai ambani

What leadership qualities did Rosa parks display?

what are some of rosa parks leaderships qualities

What leadership qualities does obama have?

He is a persuasive speaker and looks good in a suit.

What are some leadership qualities that start with j?

job oriented

What are the qualities in a man?

Good qualities in a man would include leadership, thoughtfulness, and gentleness. A good man is a hard worker who loves his family.

What leadership qualities do you have?

Leadership qualities can include organization, and the ability to hold peoples attention. People with leadership qualities also tend to have the respect of many people.

What are some qualities of a good principal?

what are some qualities of a good principal

What were JFK's leadership qualities?

he showed leadership qualities like dedication,vision and integrity

What are the good qualities of ants?

There are many good qualities we can learn from studying ants. Flexibility, communication, leadership, team work, planning, patience and commitment.

Qualities of good leadership?

Integrity, honesty and a fair and great insight of people.

Define leadership its importance and qualities of a good leader?

leadership is nothing but maintaining a team under the conrol of an eligible person

Where can I get some leadership training?

Many sites offer information on leadership training. Qualities and traits of a good leader include additional education, initiative, and the willingness to speak up for ideas.

Leadership qualities of Queen Elizabeth II?


What do you think your qualities are that would make you a good school administrator?

Some of the qualities of a good school administrator includes: great leadership, must be fair and consistent, must be a greater listener, and must be a great planner. The other qualities includes great vision and excellent communicator.

What are the qualities of a politician?

They have leadership, loyalty, dedication, truthfulness, good connection to the army, and intelligent.

The personality of Ralph?

Mature. Intellingent. Good Morals. Leadership qualities. Charismatic loyal

What qualities did Toussaint L'ouverture had?

Toussaint had Leadership qualities.

Does Donna hay have any leadership qualities?

yes she does have leadership qualities because she inspires people to cook.

Qualities of leadership?


What are the leadership qualities of Malcolm X?

He have every leadership traits there is.

What were King Arthur's qualities?

His qualities are his chivalry, braveness and his leadership.