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What are some good penpal sites for kids?


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I am unsure whether there are any Quaker Penpal sites. I do enjoy a good porridge in the morning myself you know. Perhaps we can be Penpals, as I do not think that writing to oats would be a very interesting thing to do. Have fun now dear, From your Penpal Susan I have experience with writing to oats and they say some nasty things.

Webkinz and Poptropica are some good sites

some good kid web sites are... and

Here are some good kids' websites that I know of: or or and/or,,,, and are all good Web sites for kids.

PoptropicaPet Pet ParkThat is all I have so good luck!

There's a heavily filtered roleplaying forum on Some kids roleplay on sites like Animal Jam and Toontown, but they aren't as active. There's a good roleplay forum on

Here are some popular sites:NeopetsIcepetsPowerPetsWebkinzSee related links below. is good club peguin rules moshimonsters cartoon network disney channel disneyxd and poptropica

no Jesus is sacred and kids should not even know about him

Some online social networking sites that are considered to be safe for kids are Togetherville, ScuttlePad and Skid-e Kids. Because of the dangers of general social networking sites, these sites were created and strictly monitored to allow kids to interact safely.


the best i know is cool maths games 4 kids it teaches maths throw games

There are many online retailers that sell kids android tablets. Some of the more popular sites are,, and perhaps even would be a good choice.

fantage, club penguin, and moshi monsters are some really awesome kids sites to play on=-)

Some fun kids sites include the following: bearville. disney channel, poptropica, and club penguin.

Some good sites are obiovoisly and

dating sites for kids if theyre even are any are especially dangerous cause you never know what type of creeeps are out there stick to kids you know from school or other activities

The sites you should know about(for your kids),(teenagers) and lots other.

There are many good Christmas decoration sites. Some good Christmas decoration sites for ideas include: and Decorating Entertaining. is a good site

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