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What are some good rap songs that talk about God?


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Some good Christian rap artists are Tobymac, Flame, Manafest, Lecrae, Tedashii, and Trip Lee.

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Some good Cantonese songs are performed by Eason Chan (Always With Me, My Happy Time and God Bless Lover). This songs can be listened on websites such as YouTube.

I don't know, but he does talk about God and Jesus a lot in his songs. He obviously has some sort of belief.

A song called - Love me- By: JJ Heller Its sad but in the end it seems God helps :)

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!! or mabey God knows by haruhi suzimiya..

"God Bless the U.S.A." by Lee Greenwood is a classic, as is "America" by Waylon Jennings.

God Of Wonders (Third Day) Word Of God Speak (MercyMe) I Know You're There (Casting Crowns) Any of Casting Crowns songs! I Can Only Imagine (MercyMe)

There are a lot of songs by George Strait. Some of his top songs include "True", "The Best Day", "Write This Down", "I Saw God Today", "I Cross My Heart", "You Look So Good In Love".

I'm not quite sure. But they do talk about God in some songs, don't get me wrong that doesn't make them Christians but they might, and I sure hope they are.

Depends on what song your talking about, but most of the songs talk about god, and other Christian things.

how the f*ck should i know, god

Yes they do in American Idiot & 21st Century Breakdown. I know it is so bad because Dookie was all great no God.

Depends. For soft, nice songs; listen to Seize the Day or Dear God. For heavier songs, listen to Bat Country or Afterlife.

Dark Light - John Frusciante God -John Frusciante

GOD invented songs, no one else! If you like different songs, you actually belive in god!

Skillet is a Christian band. Yet most of there songs don't have anything to do with God. All of there members are Christian and in some of the songs they mention God.

Answer 1Yes, Katy Perry is a good person. Her first album was a Christian Album, because she believes in God and goes to Church. But some of her songs aren't exactly for children, because some of her songs have inappropriate words in it, and some of her songs are kind-of inappropriate. So I would suggest that Katy Perry is for 10+.Answer 2I would like to say that my opinion is that katy perry is a good person but she is not appropiate for children....

praise dnace is when you praise god some in fast songs

To whatever extent it is possible for any human being to talk to God, the Pope can talk to God.

you learn about god and the pastor talks about god and the bible. you sing songs. and if you are a teen some churches have youth groops where you study the bible or go out bowling or have a pizza party. are church has a coffee time after church where the people can talk and eat. hope this has helpeds

David was a very loyal servant of God and he wrote songs about God (read Psalms) and played his harp. He was important because he was a good example on how to be a good christian.

There are many songs written by Katy Perry. Some of these songs include "California Girls", "I Kiss a Girl", "Rock God", "E.T", and "Waking Up in Vegas".

Man might fear a great God, but he trusts and only loves a good God. Life is good because God is great.

Muslims read Qur'an to get good rewards.If we do that we go to heaven(Jannah). Answer Quran is words of God. prophet said: if you wished God talk you read Quran and if you wished you talk God do worship.

I Don't Want To Show Off Popular-Wicked I Can Hear The Bells-Hairspray Good Morning Baltimore-Hairspray Omi God You Guys-Legally Blonde

Just simply praying with him may help you get along well. Try looking up bible songs or veggietales for some fun songs for little kids about loving god.

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