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beacaues it will be better ways for them to not be fat so they wont be obese it will hopefully help them realize to eat better food and make better choices now and in the future =DDD i will give them a A++

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Why is it important to have healthy school lunches?

It is important to have healthy school lunches and home lunches because when you have a healthy meal you have a healthy body you should have healthy meals at every meal and healthy meals everyday so you well have a healthy body and bones , and teeth.

Why should school lunches be healthier?

School lunches should definetly be healthy because it lacks nutrients and has lots of fats in it. School lunches can cause diarhea, obesity, or diabetes type 2

What are the disadvantages of having healthy school lunches at schools?

there is none you stay healthy and there yummy. That is wrong school lunches can be very unhealthy because it does not have fruits and vegetable with it and the meats are processed.

What is the percentage of kids who don't like school lunches?

About 85.7 percent of kids like school lunches. We asked them some reasons why they didnt like school lunches, and they all replied, THE VEGETABLES!

Why do school kids have to eat healthy lunches?

because it is heathly .

Are school lunches healthy to eat?

school lunch are some times nice and some of them are good and yes the school lunches are very it can make you fix and strong

Is school unhealthy?

yes and no because school lunches does sometimes have seafood and healthy stuff.

Why is Cottage pie good for school lunches?

It Is Good Because It Is Healthy

What are some healthy lunch ideas for children?

Some healthy lunch ideas can include some of the classic lunch meals. A sandwich and juice box are staples of school lunches and can also be very healthy.

How can you get michlle Obama to come to your school and inspect how healthy your lunches are?

Send her a lovely invitation saying how fit she is, and how she should come and see if your school lunches are "worthy"

How do school lunches contribute to childhood obesity?

If children eat poorly chosen, self-indulgent school lunches, then those lunches will contribute an excessive amount of calories to their diet and thereby contribute to childhood obesity. More appropriate school lunches would avoid that problem.

Why should school lunches be banned?

there are not healthy for you and can sometimes be expired or grow mold...cafeteria people are not responsible. sometimes can have bacteria. school lunches are not 100% safe.......made by nicole

What role do you thing school should play in childhood obesity?

Providing good and healthy school lunches with a low calorie count, having more P.E., and introducing new games for children to play outdoors.

Where in the world are school lunches healthy?

In Louisiana, At Lake ELementry ! We Have The Finest Lunches EVER ! Meatloaf Frodays, Pizza Wednesday, Chicken Nugget Thursdays, And you can also go out for lunch !

Are school lunches healthy?

School lunches are loaded with fat-and the beef and dairy industries are making sure it stays that way. School cafeterias coast to coast offer an artery-clogging menu of beef, pork, cheese, and grease. they are also artificial

Is school lunch healthy?

It depends on what the school lunch is. If it's vegetables, meat and .... let's say pasta then that is healthy. Maybe do some research on healthy foods and suggest some to the lunch staff to create healthier (But Nice) school lunches =D

Why should junk food be allowed in school?

C'mon, ALL Children are not overweight! kids like junk food. If good, healthy lunches are available, i dont see why kids cant have a little treat for being at school for 7+ hours.

Why should schools have healthy lunches?

School dinners should be healthy for two reasons : one is that proper nutrition aids mental acuity, and the other is that some students (for whatever reason) may not be getting properly nutritional food at their other meals. This was a driving force behind the school lunch programs in the US.Many schools have changed their policies allowing "junk foods" to be sold on the premises, due to the sharp increase in the percentage of school age children who are overweight or obese.because it is healthy and we are obese

Are school lunches covered by child support?

School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.

What has the author Lucy Condell written?

Lucy Condell has written: 'Bibliography of school lunches' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Food, School children

How do you write lunches in a sentence?

School lunches are neither tasty nor nutritious. My mother always lunches with friends on Friday.

Should school lunches be healthy or delicious?

They need to be a bit of both. Doesn't matter if it's healthy if it doesn't get eaten. Doesn't matter if gets eaten if it isn't what the body needs.

Do pepperoni lunchables need to cook in microwave?

No they are meant for on the go lunches and school lunches.

Where are school lunches made?

In the kitchen

Why should junior high lunches be changed?

It is because the unhealthiness of school lunches and of obesity and diabetes