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Rhyme rhymes with dime and mime.

Boss rhymes with dross.

Good rhymes with should...


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i look pretty no matter whaat _ gucci

Sensational, educational, informational, and inspirational are some good ones.

There are no perfect rhymes for 'good' that are foods, but the word 'food' is a slant rhyme for the word 'good.'

One thing that rhymes with food plate is "mood: great" Some other matches follow: wood grate good weight

Polluted? I don't know, im not that good with rhymes

kesha dish its yummy with some lime on the side mmm good kesha dish

It is easier to break it down and say,"what rhymes with brain?" spain, vain, cocaine, brain, rain, sane, lane, pain, and crane are some good examples!!

there are no perfect rhymes for "migrate." however, you can find some approximate rhymes at

There are no perfect rhymes for presumablyThere are some near rhymes, such ascommunityunusuallyimmunity

According to, a good Thesaurus website, there are no perfect rhymes with Butcher.

Experimentally, coincidentally, fundamentally, incidentally...basically anything ending in -ally, and maybe -elly Or Some people pronounce it "accidently" and then good rhymes would be gently or Bentley.

There are no perfect rhymes for disciples. Some near rhymes are:Biblesriflescyclestitles

There are no perfect rhymes for absorption, some pseudo rhymes are: abortion, apportion, contortion, and proportion.

Mum rhymes with come, gum, glum, and some.

Some double rhymes of documents are cements and laments.

Some words that rhyme with "forgive" include give, live, sive, misgive, outlive and relive.Here is what rhymes with forgive:-live-givesorry not really a good rhymer

There really isn't a good word that rhymes with Patriots, but expatriates is supposed to rhyme with it.

handful There are no perfect rhymes for "powerful". You can get some near rhymes by using words that end with "ful".

There are no perfect rhymes with looseness. The best you can do is try words that end in "ness," for some close rhymes.

Pulpit is a good rhyme.

How about obtuse.....I'm good

There are no exact rhymes, but some of these might work:abracadabraCandelabra

That is the correct spelling of "rhymes" (sounds alike in some way).

some poems does not rhyme like rhymes

Some near rhymes: calmness, fondness, monstrous, noxious...

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