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I AM WOMAN by Helen Reddy

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Q: What are some good songs about women's rights?
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Who organized womens rights meetings and worked womens rights?

some one

What are some new technology inventions from 2001-2008?

womens rights womens rights

What were some Political and social freedoms women gained in early 20th century?

ha womens rights. good one.

Why were some women opposed to the idea of womens rights?

Women's rights is a joke.

What are some good womens audition songs?

My favourite songs for auditions are 'Its A Fine, Fine Line' from Avenue Q, 'On My Own' from Les Miseables and 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked. Hope I helped :)

What were some obstacles for Abigail Adams?

she fought for womens rights

What are some good energy saving rap songs?

what are some good rap songs

What events in history are similar to the Salem witch trials?

Slavery and womens rights and the holocaust are some

What are some songs about woman rights?

give up.

What are some good nursing schools?

Texas Womens University

What are some good songs for beginners on guitar?

Some of the early Beatles tunes are excellent for new guitarists to work on. Everyone knows them and they're good songs. Some other songs are little kids songs, classic folk songs, and maybe patriotic songs.

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What are some other topics of Obama's speech besides health care economy the war and education?

womens rights

Why was the religious right upset with some of presidents Reagan's supreme court appointments?

they supported womens rights to have an abortion -

Why was the religious right upset with some of the president Reaganโ€™s Supreme Court appointments?

they supported womens rights to have an abortion -

Why was the Religious Right upset with some of President Reagan's Supreme Court appointments ?

they supported womens rights to have an abortion -

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Societal and political unrest

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