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What are some good things to tell your girlfriend?

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tell her how much you love her

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How can you get your girlfriend good friends?

well, be a really good and obedient person and talk to people and tell them about your girlfriend and say things like that your girlfriend is really nice and sweet.

Why would your ex not want his girlfriend to be your friend?

Because he is afraid you will tell his current girlfriend some unflattering things about him.

What are some good things about a aristocracy?

Can Somebody tell me what is the answer Is ^^^^^^^^^^^^

How do you tease your girlfriend?

I tease my girlfriend and she laughs you got to be nice and tell her she looks good and say nice things and only tease on the little things don't make a big deal tho

What are sweet text messages to send to your girlfriend?

Some sweet text messages to send to your girlfriend include telling her she is beautiful. Tell her the things you like about her or perhaps simply tell her you love her.

How can you tell if your girlfriend is horny?

When my girlfriend is horny - you can normally tell she normally demands sex wich is good for me :P

What are some things to say to your girlfriend?

tell her you love ,she is the most beautiful gir in the world no one can take her place

What are some sweet things to buy your girlfriend?

flowers, chocolate, Jewelry. etc you can also tell her how much you love her

What does it mean when your girlfriend or bf ask are the things you love about me?

just tell them the truth. no big deal! tell them the things you love about them.

What do you tell your girlfriend when she is about to perform?

Hug her, tell her good luck and that she'll do great :)

Why does your girlfriend hit you and tell you that you can't read good?

Either she is angry with you for some reason or she is being silly and/or flirting.

If your girlfriend is cheating on you what can you do?

Break up with her ANSWER: It's time for you to tell her that the two of you need to talk. Do not let her make some silly excuses that she will talk to you when she have a free time. Do it now or else things can't be solve in a good manners. Good luck!

How do you know if you're good in bed?

Your boyfriend will tell you, or your girlfriend.

How can you tell if your girlfriend really loved you?

You can tell this by the things she says and does. Does she act love not just only confessing it.

What should you do if you don't love your girlfriend anymore but you can't tell that to her because of the things she have given and done for you and because your baby?

Let her down as easy as you can, tell her that you have been so gratful for the things she's done for you, an you still want to be very good friends with her. Do some nice things for her, but don't act to, "froo-froo". She'll feel like you're pitying her.

What questions can you ask your boyfriend when he is bored?

these are some questions you can ask your boyfriend when he is bored: 1.do you possessive and controle your girlfriend? 2.do you tell your girlfriend tell you who you can and cannot hang out with? 3.do you love your girlfriend? 4.does your girlfriend want to know where you are 24 hours a day? 5.does your girlfriend like your family and friends? 6.does your girlfriend tell you what clothes to wear to school or work? 7.do your friends think that we make a good cuple? 8.is your girlfriend physically abusive toward you?

Where good girlfriend?

you can find a good girlfriend by not searching for one but while you go to other places look at some of the girls and the one that you like tell her hi and that she is beautiful when u first look at her hope she goes for u

What r some nice things to say to your girlfriend?

You look nice, I love you if (if you're deep into the relationship). Tell her you want to take her on a date some time soon.

How do I tell my new girlfriend of two month why I did not tell her I have kids?

Tell her the truth. You probably have a good reason that she would understand.

How do you ask your parents that you have a girlfriend that they don't know yet?

Well, ask the most sympathetic parent. (in this case the dad) So one day when your dad is in a good mood ask him what he would do if you had a girlfriend, If hes OK with it, then tell him. If hes reaction isn't so good try these things: ask him how he told his dad when he had a girlfriend. Hell know how it felt. So then tell him. Tell him that you really like this girl and you really want to go out with her. or if you have already gone out with her tell him that you're gonna go out with her just not behind his back If this doesn't work reply Good luck

What are the bad things and good things about being a doctor?

The good things are obvious; helping sick people and curing certain diseases. Some of the bad things would probably include having to tell someone they are terminally ill or having to tell family that a person died.

What if you have a strong feeling for that guy who already have a girlfriend?

Tell him (and her) what's going on in a polite manner and, if they are mature about it, they'll understand and talk with you about why and some other things. But the most important thing is to tell the truth.

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