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Make sure he knows you are a virgin so there is no big surprise when you show you are not sure. You can let him teach you what should be done, and go with what makes you feel comfortable and good.

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Is it possible for a man not loose virginity after direct sex?

Virginity when it is referred to in a man Quite simply means he has had sex with a woman. The moment a man has sex with a woman he is no longer a virgin. and the only possibility of ever becoming a virgin again would depend on the possibility of reincarnation and starting again with. a new body.

Why does the nurse offer to find Romeo?

The Nurse agrees to be a go-between between Romeo and Juliet because, quite frankly, she is excited about the idea of Juliet losing her virginity.

You were a virgin til 21ever since then anyone who says the word makes you nervous an paranoidkeep thinking you are a virgin in your headbut had quite alot of sex really since i was 21.?

You're not a virgin if you have had sex with many guys even if you did not love them. "A Virgin" means virginal which you obviously are not by your own admission you have slept with many men. So your virginity goes with the very first man you slept with

What does the rosary represent?

im quite sure that the rosary reprosents the blessed virgin Mary im quite sure that the rosary reprosents the blessed virgin Mary im quite sure that the rosary reprosents the blessed virgin Mary

How can you tell if you have lost your virginity?

If you had intercourse with full penetration, then you have lost your virginity. For some females, it can be quite painful the first time, and some also bleed their first time, which is normal.

How does virgin use science?

im not quite sure

Why does Mary wear blue?

Mary does NOT wear blue because it was a "medieval artistic invention," because her specialness required more special paint than what was commonly used. Quite simply blue was at one time considered the color of virginity, and supposedly there was a tradition that young, unmarried Jewish women wore blue veils as a symbol of their virginity. Since Mary is presumed by Roman Catholic tradition to have remained a virgin throughout her life, she is depicted with the color that, at one time, represented virgin purity.

How can you tell if someone is a virgin?

There is no absolutely definitive test. (There are ways other than intercourse to rupture the hymen, and vestiges can remain even after intercourse, so the presence or absence of a hymen is not necessarily conclusive.) ^generally, it not absent if shes a virgin. unless shes been masturbating for quite some time.... ^.^ ask. if its a girl, if you do it with her, and shes FOR SURE NOT ON HER PERIOD, if there's a little blood, shes a virgin. no blood not a virgin. but even if there's no blood, but she still claimed you took her virginity, she may have been raped.

Has Cher Lloyd lost her virginity?

Although there is no proof to show Cher Lloyd has lost her virginity, she has been with her boyfriend for almost a year and they have their own house so it's quite likely she has lost it.

Is jeremiah a virgin?

yes, and he will be for quite a few more years

Can you lose your virginity from doggy style?

Of course. Having sex in different positions is still sex. But it's not a very romantic way to lose your virginity. You know, I'm not one of those people who thinks virginity is sacred and special -- quite the opposite, actually -- and I have no objection to doggy style, either. But still, I would not be happy if I had lost my virginity doggy style.

What is a virgin ink cartridge?

Quite simple.A virgin ink cartridge,is an ink cartridge that has never been used,as in new.

He broke my virginity and i still love him but he has a girlfriend?

You simply cannot do anything in this case. He broke your virginity because you allowed him to do so. Now he has moved on and is with another girl.

What is a sentence for equestrain?

Your skill at riding horses shows that you're quite an experienced equestrian.

Is accupuncture safe and effective?

It is generally safe, in experienced hands - and sometimes quite effective.

How do doctors know when a boy has lost his virginity?

I dont know. Ask a doctorIt is difficult to tell if a boy has lost his virginity unless he has lost it quite sometime ago and then you can tell by the way he handles himself before making love because he is confident in what he is doing.

What were the disadvantages for the Allied powers in world war 1?

Quite frankly, the allied powers were pussies, and were too afraid to do anything to prevent World War I. They had also never experienced a war quite like this one (what with the trench warfare and everything) and Wilhelm had a modernized and experienced Army. I assume this is one of the questions for your homework...Its quite alright young one...

Is this a reproduction a sea star produces a new arm after losing one to a predator?

technically yes but not quite ;)

What should be happening in a girls body while having first time sex in terms of bleeding - not you wont be a virgin - because that doesn't help?

All that happens is you become 'looser'. You may bleed, that's why i think its better to lose virginity at a young age, so it doesnt hurt as much as it can become quite painful...Masturbation helps with this process too.

Does it supposed to hurt when you lose your virginity?

Yes from what i have heard. Im still a virgin but from my understandings there is tissue there that rips causing it to hurt like the first time u used a tampon....didnt it hurt .? It can, or sometimes not hurt when you do it for the first time. It just depends upon the woman and how relaxed or turned on you are. Some women don't notice any pain at all, and is quite normal.

Did Michael Jackson kiss Diana Ross and think that it was his first sexual experience?

Kissing someone can be quite sexual so it is possible, he seemed to be quite naive when he was younger, but still he wasn't silly enough to think a kiss means loosing your virginity.

If your fifteen and a virgin and have been getting itching dryness and general soreness around your opening and the bottom of your labia minora with pinky brown discharge should you worry?

Have you seen a doctor yet?! This is a rare disorder which can be caused by one of 2 things: First you may be suffering from cervical cancer which can cause an hormone disorder which will result in blindness and eventually death. Have you had trouble seeing? Second it may be caused from the type of lubricant you're using. Your clearly not a Virgin and should switch to a waterbased lubricant to avoid irritation. Otherwise you may end up sterile. I suggest you talk to an adult you trust and a medical professional. --- excuse me i find this quite rude. I am a virgin thankyou very much, i wouldn't have said i was if i wasnt as i am quite worried about this and would like to get an acurate answer. I value my virginity so do not stereotype me just because i am a 15 year old girl! i thankyou for the first half of your answer but the "you are clearly not a virgin" was not needed.

How do you use gourmand in a sentence?

A gourmand is a food lover. An example sentence would be: He considered himself to be quite the experienced gourmand.

What was the age of the Virgin Mary when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her?

There is no age given in scripture; based on the period of time it was quite likely she was in her teens.

What scenario is more realistic for a 26 yr old virgin.. Finding a virgin to lose it with or having a threesome?

Both are very possible and likely if one looks to certain sources for either case. It'd be hard to say which is more likely, though, because though many say they are curious about all possibilities of sex, not all or even most are willing to have a threesome. Also, many are reluctant to keep their virginity from a very young age thus both cases might be quite tough to simply stumble upon.