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What are some good vampire books?

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I recommend "EverNight Series 1 ,2 and 3 " And Vampire Academy Also if You Like Long Series I Also Would Read House of Night Series.

Blue Bloods Series

Morganville vampires series

Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill

NightWorld series

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Can you name some good books on vampire love story like twilight?

Try the vampire diaries

What are good vampire books?

**The best vampire books i have seen and read are the vampire diaries, vampire kisses and twilight saga.** *** But my favorite is the vampire academy.***

What are some really good books for teenage girls?

twilight! Vampire academy!

What are some books and movies on vamires?

some movies are buffy the vampire slayer and twilight. and some books are my sister the vampire and many other books.

What are some books of Christopher Pike?

The series, The Last Vampire, or the combined version of them, Thirst. Very good, about a vampire named Sita. Highly recommended

Do kids like vampire books?

Depends. Most girly girls like vampire books and some boys do.

What are some good books for a twelve year old girl I love the twilight series and i absoultly loved the babysitters club books any good ideas?

Vampire Diaries House of Night Series Vampire Academy Vladimer Todd

Has anyone read The Vampire Diaries books?

i have! they were good

What are the top vampire books?

In my opinion, the top vampire books are these:the Vampire academy seriesthe Vampire Diaries seriesthe Vampire Kisses seriesthe House of Night series.Trust me, they are all REALLY GOOD books! I've read them all and you should definitely try them.

What are some vampire books are out that i can buy at walmart?

I've never bought vampire books at walmart but some out there are the Blue Bloods Series, The Vampire Diaries, The Vampires Assistant, Twilight Saga

What are some good teen romantic- fiction books?

- house of night- mortal instruments (my favourite)- fingerprints- the immortals- vampire diaries- vampire academy

What are some great vampire books?

Ann Rice wrote a series of books about a vampire. Her first An Interview with a Vampire is very good. Some of the later ones get a little strange . another answer: I love the twilight series-Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Stephanie Meyer wrote them. You should really read them, their great books!

What are some good vampire books for guys?

Vladimir Todd Series: Examples in series: Eighth Grade Bites

How long have vampire books been around?

Vampire books has been on since the Dracula got invented. Some of the books are telling real stories about vampires

Are vampire books selling good?

yes! some people like reading about stuff that is not true but still like to believe.

Is The Vampire Diaries books good?

I have not read them myself, but many people say they are good.

Are there any good romance books?

The Twilight series. They are vampire based.

What are some good free e-books for teens?

The chubulecent vampire is great for teens. It is not free, but close. Five bucks and that is it.

Are vampire good?

some r some r not Yes! Vampire are good, in fact very good. Especially with hot sauce.

What are some good werewolf and vampire shows?

vampire diaries

What are some good books like the hunger games series?

Some good books are - Strange Angels Series -The Darkest Powers Series -Vampire Academy Series -The Host -The Seven Kingdoms Series -Eragon Series Those are some of my favorites, hope it helps!!

What are some good young adult vampire books?

twilight ! also: "Xoe" by Sara C Roethle "The Vampires Assistant" and other works by Darren Shan "The Vampire Diaries" by L.J. Smith

What are some of the best vampire books?

the best vampire books are from the Twilight saga: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipses ( I don't think i spelled that right), and breaking Dawn

What are some good romantic books which are not part of the twilight series that are good?

Eve Divergent Paranormalcy Dark Elite Vampire Diaries Vampire Academy Hush hush Fallen Cecilia Ahern novels Frenzy Never Cry Werewolf

What are some good vimpire books?

1.Twilight series 2. the Marked series (my fave) 3. Vampire Academy 4. Vampire diaries 5. Dracula 7. Anything by Ann Rice

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