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What are some cool costume ideas for Halloween?

You can get some creative costume ideas at You can also get some ideas at

What are some Halloween costume ideas for the procrastinator?

Beg a girl to let you wear one of her dresses and give you a makeover.

What are some Halloween traditions?

Dressing as something scary!Carving pumpkins

What are some fun Halloween games for our party?

You can find ideas for Halloween games at Also try for some excellent game ideas.

What are some good Halloween party ideas?

There are many Halloween party ideas. Some popular Halloween party ideas incude monster parties, blood-like drinks, costume parties, spooky games, etc.

Where can I look to get some Halloween party ideas?

There are many website links where you can find a lot of ideas for parties of any kind, including a Halloween party. Some of the links are:;;;; and

What are some unique Halloween costumes for women?

Here are some ideas for women's Halloween costumes: librarian, your favorite type of candy bar, a flasher, a cat burglar, a flapper girl, or a kissing booth.

What are some ideas for gravestone Halloween decor?


What are some websites where I can find good ideas for a halloween party?

The following website has some great Halloween Party ideas for old and young alike: Here, you will find ideas for food, music, costumes, games and more. Another great site to check out for fun family Halloween party ideas is Disney Family Fun, at:

What are some good ideas for dressing up your bike?


Why do kids celebrate Halloween?

Kids celebrate Halloween by dressing up in costumes and trick or treating from house to house to get candy. They also have Halloween parties, as do some adults.

What are some good predator and prey Halloween costume ideas?

lion & zebra,polar bear &seal,octopus & anime bikini girl...

Where can I find ideas for Halloween masks?

There are many great sites that offer homemade Halloween mask ideas. Some of them include,, and

Where can I find some halloween craft ideas? This website has many ideas that I am sure will help you out with everything you need.

Where can I find some great halloween craft ideas for kids?

You can find some great children craft ideas for Halloween on Disney websites, printable websites. Anywhere on the web there are great ideas. Also look in books.

What are some airport themed costume ideas?

You can try dressing up as an airplane, or a traffic controller. Other ideas would be to try dressing as a pilot or a flight attendant.

What are some funny Halloween costume ideas?

Lady Gaga

What are some good Halloween costume ideas for a video game loving 11 year old girl?

a wii a game controller her favorite game

Where can I learn to make animated Halloween decorations for the yard?

You can get some great ideas for scary Halloween decorations from a book called, "Extreme Halloween: The Ultimate Guide to Making Halloween Scary Again," by Tom Nardone. Inside the book are ideas for creatures to make and other ideas such as pumpkin carving.

Where can I get unique costumes for halloween this season?

Unique halloween costumes are the fun way to go. Here are some great ideas on costumes: and

You are a waitress at a Mexican restaurant and for Halloween all the staff are dressing up in costumes i want something cute but not to sexy please give me some good ideas thanks?

For Halloween, you can dress up as a pirate or a baby doll. Theae are both cute costumes that are still work appropriate.

What are some group halloween costume ideas?

JoAnn's craft store.

What are some unique halloween ideas?

If you are looking for unique costume ideas, you can find them at You can also find unique decorating ideas at

What are some good ideas for a homemade teenage girl Halloween costume that's scary and flirty at the same time?

Just wear nothing and put on a mask.

What are some Halloween decorating ideas?

I try every year to get good decoration ideas and I always browse around. Here is a good site that has many great ideas.