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Here's one that works and is free heat. My pool's next to my garage which has a corragated sheet metal roof. I got two 100' rolls of that plastic, 1" flexible underground pipe used for underground sprinklers. (note: I used two 1" pipes because my pool pump uses 1 1/4" pipe. Two 1" pipes have more water flow capability or volumn which gives me more heat transfer from the hot roof to the water.) I took the pipe and laid them both out side by side on my garage roof. I hooked them up to my pool pump after it comes out of the sand filter. The water comes out of the sand filter and goes through the sprinkler pipes on the nice hot garage roof and then back into the pool nice and warm. The sun heats the sheet metal roof up and the pool water at the same time. Oh, you might want to rig up a bypass in so you can drain the pipes for winter and such. It's a neat system and as I said... it heats the water for free! Hope that helps.

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Q: What are some ideas or sites for do it yourself solar heaters for above ground pools?
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