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important achievements in Egypt's civilization would be:

First to develop surgery, Beer, Wine and Granite tools, first largest monument on earth,

and first to develop Boating and makeup!

The ancient Egyptians also developed a calendar, originated with a form of writing called hieroglyphics.

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Q: What are some important ancient Egyptian achievements?
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What are some other important ancient Egyptian achievements?

Building the great pyrami for pharaoh khufu

What are some important ancient Egyptian achievements of the new kingdom?

Building the valley of the kings and tomb painting by the Egyptions

What are some achievements of Ancient Egyptian?

mathematics, architecture, medicine

What are some ancient Egyptian scientific achievements?

mathematics, architecture, medicine . . .

What are some important ancient Egyptian achievements of the pharaohs?

built obelisks (hatshepsut) pyramid of giza (khufu) Brought upper and lower egypt together (menes)

What were some of the major Egyptian achievements?

some of the major egyptian achievements were paper, wine, and the first national monument

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What were the important and lasting contributions of ancient Egyptian to civilization and its rulers overtime?

Some of the lasting contributions of ancient Egyptian civilization cover areas such as mathematics, engineering and medicine.

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Animals were important to ancient Egyptians, so they mummified them

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hieroglyfics and pyramids

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Some ancient Egyptian laws are the same as today. These are rape, theft, and assault. The punishments were different.

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What were some important Egyptian inventions?

Ancient Egyptians invented a lot of important things. Some of these things include paper, ink, writing, medicine, makeup, and toothpaste.

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The Colossus of rhodes

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What are some achievements in ancient Egypt?

Some achievements in ancient Egypt is the calendar, they were the first to preform surgery, they made the first medical textbook, and a lot more. I know this because I had to do a project on it!

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