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Earthquakes, tidal waves, smoke rising from the crater of the volcano, ash falls

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How many times can a volcano erupt?

There is no limit to how many times a volcano can erupt. Some volcanos erupt constantly and some volcanos are inactive.

What is a volcano that might erupt called?

A volcano which might erupt at some point in the future is called "dormant".

What is a volcano that does not erupt called?

It can be called an active, dormant or extinct volcano. An active volcano erupts regularly and frequently, however, it might not erupt at some times. A dormant volcano rarely erupts. Therefore, it does not erupt for most of the time. An extinct volcano does not erupt anymore.

How do you use erupt in a sentence?

The volcano wil erupt soon. The volcano is about to erupt!

Can people predict when a volcano will erupt and happen?

People can predict if a volcano will erupt but not when it will erupt.

When does an active volcano erupt?

An active volcano can erupt at anytime.

Can a volcano erupt again?

A volcano can maybe erupt again.

What is a volcano that does not erupt?

A volcano that has not erupted in a long time is dormant. A volcano that will not erupt is extinct.

Why doesn't a volcano erupt?

they do and some are not active any more so they don't erupt.

Can a volcano be forced to erupt?

yes a series of explosions can cause some volcano's to erupt

How often does a volcano explode?

It depends, a volcano can erupt once and never erupt again. Or, a volcano can erupt multiple times a day.

What causes the volcano project to erupt?

hi what causes a volcano to erupt is

A volcano that will not erupt again?

An extinct volcano is one that will never erupt again.

When did the dinasors die?

some say a volcano erupt

Is a volcano going to erupt?

Some are now in Iceland.

What is a sentence with the word volcano in it?

The volcano was about to erupt.This is a volcano and it is dangerous.The Volcano is a natural structure.

What makes volcano erupt?

the volcano will erupt when it is ready to erupt

How many times can an active volcano erupt?

As many as it wants. Some volcanoes erupt often, some infrequently

Does a volcano erupt at the same time another volcano?

sometimes it does and some times it doesn't

How do you make a volcano erupt?

A volcano can not be made to erupt by any action of man.

Will a shield volcano erupt?

Yes. If it doesn't erupt and never has erupted then it is not a volcano.

Can a dormant volcano will ever erupt again?

No, a dormant volcano will not erupt again.

Was buckhorn caldera the last volcano to erupt?

Buckhorn Caldera was not the last volcano to erupt. In fact, every day somewhere on the Earth, a volcano will erupt.

When does an extinct volcano erupt?

it wont erupt anymore because it is an extinct volcano which means not able to erupt anymore

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