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You might want to study up on Nostradamus. He did a lot of that kind of work. Some books about him might help to answer your question.

AnswerThere are none. Nostradamus wrote confusing ramblings that could have meant absolutely anything. AnswerNostradamus gained fame during his lifetime by accurately predicting the death of the French king. In his defense, he wrote during the Inquisition and felt the need to disguise his forecasts. As a converted Jew (his grandfather was a rabbi), he was automatically suspect. He adopted the Latinized "Nostradamus" (Our Lady) because it was the most Catholic name he could think of.

But apart from that, as a radio astrologer (and a columnist before that), I predicted the election of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and -- shudder -- George W. Bush. And while I'm on the subject, I might as well predict the election of Barack Obama -- if his birth time is accurate. (In the interest of full disclosure, I intend to vote for John McCain.)

AnswerI think Nostradamus' work was too confusing to be a really good example. But there are others.

Evangeline Adams once predicted a fire in a hotel, and it happened. The result was that she was charged with arson because police believed she wanted to make a prediction come true to help her career. She had an alibi - she was with the owner of the hotel - but the charge stayed with her because she could have had a co-conspirator set the fire. Her defense was that astrology worked, and she was prepared to prove it. She offered to do a horoscope for any person known to the court but not to her. The judge gave her the birth data of a close relative of his, she did the reading, and the judge concluded that the level of accuracy of the work was so high it had to have some scientific validity.

I was drawn to investigate astrology when I discovered that Issac Newton practiced it all his life. So I learned to do horoscopes, interpreted them, and published the results in a magazine I worked for. Answering the question from my own experience, one prediction I made was that the town I lived in, in the hills of northwestern New Jersey, would be hit by a tornado. The actual prediction in print (because I did not want to go that far out on a limb) was there would be a damaging storm on that day with threat to life. That day, a number of houses had roof sections and walls torn off by a tornado. I predicted that a particular day would be good for real estate sales; a week after the date, I was told the prediction had come up at a meeting of local real estate people, and they realized all of them had either taken a deposit or had a closing that day. I predicted that a political leader of great importance leader to the People's Republic of China would die on a particular day. I thought it would be Mao Zedong but I was wrong; Chiang Kai-shek died on that day. I predicted the date the first rain ending a drought came, and the prediction was made just as the drought was starting.

I am not a professional astrologer. I do charts for friends because they find them helpful. Quite frankly, I do not know what to make of it. But this is not because I think it does not work. Rather, it is because I cannot imagine a scientific reason why it would work.

I would also say that with a single exception, none of the people I have been aware of who were detractors on the subject of whether astrology never bothered to get educated on the subject, and so their opinions had no scientific value whatever. On the other hand, with the exception of that one person, the people I have been aware of who studied the subject did not remain skeptical.


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Astrology is the faith based belief that events and human behavior are influenced by or dependent upon the relative position of various celestial bodies, and that since the motion of said bodies can be predicted, so too can the future (with imperfect success). This is, of course, insane. Astrology is the faith based belief that events and human behavior are influenced by or dependent upon the relative position of various celestial bodies, and that since the motion of said bodies can be predicted, so too can the future (with imperfect success). This is, of course, insane.

Yes, future can be predicted to some extent.

It was predicted by everyone listening and following directions

no it cant but it can in the future

The future for gold prices is predicted to be rising. If you buy gold now you will be able to rise the price and sell it for more in the future of the world.

Astrology is the study of the stars and other space stuff. In some countries, such as ancient Greece and China, astrology was used to predict the future. Astrology is practiced in various ways all over the world.

One opinionAstrology is false... Human nature is what makes astrology true. We humans tend to believe anything we see or hear for example: believing in nonsense gossip. Life is not based on astrology, it is based on what happens in our own life, our past and present and makes us who we are.Another opinionYes Astrology is true. Astrology is an age old concept where people get to find about their future. Using astrology people can know about their future and can find insightful solutions of their problems.

Future plans and deepest understanding!

An attempt ot foretell the future.

According to science, astrology doesn't have anything to do with your dating life. Some people who believe in astrology think that it can hold keys to your love life and other aspects of your future.

Fashion is about future wear or style, so fashion wasn't predicted in anty time.

The crescent moon is often considered to be a mysterious symbol of hope and future. The stars typically represent dreams in Astrology.

The clairvoyant gypsy predicted my future.

he predicted the future and he was a scientist on the other hand

Yes I predicted the future and it worked

No one can accurately predict the effects it may have.

No, its called Astronomy. Astrology is where fortune tellers try and predict the future through the positions of planets and stars.

Astrology is not part of "God's creation", it is a human creation. Churches and priests don't accept it because they believe that we humans cannot know, or foretell, the future. To be able to predict the future would mean that our destinies are unchangeable, and that we are not responsible for the results of our actions. Also, astrology is not 'accepted' because it doesn't work. The future is not written in the details of our birth.

He predicted that the proletariat would be triumphant.

Astrology played a vital role in Hinduism. Astrologers were so accurate that they could predict the future of a person by just seeing the planetary movement.

astrology. astrology deals with positions of celestial bodies to determine one's future , past etc. URANOMETRY

There is no telling how far medicine will go in the future. Some have predicted the eradication of diseases like cancer.

Astrology is the study of the influence of stars and planets on your future (and past and present).

Nothing, as long as you don't idolize it above God, or depend on it for your future.

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