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What are some investing tips for someone who has not invested before?

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== == Take some courses in investing. Better yet, take the securities course. In Canada it's called the Canadian Securities Course. This course is expensive, time consuming, arduous, and not for the faint of heart. When you pass this course (It will take about 12 to 24 months part time study) you will know enough to be confident and dangerous. Then....

Seek professional advice from a reputable advisor who in not affiliated with a bank.

Don't do it on your own. You think you know how, but trust me... you don't.

The course will give you enough knowledge to avoid swallowing bad advice from the advisor. What is bad advice? It is advice that is geared towards maximizing the advisors commissions.

Then ask the advisor for a few conservative balanced mutual funds. (You can do this before taking the course if the advisor is someone you trust)

(If he/she fails to tell you about the advantages of front load funds, find another advisor).

Start investing regularly (monthly) immediately.

Ignore the market, and NEVER listen to CNN.


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What are some issues to consider before investing in another company?

You should consider whether a company is stable before investing in it. You should also consider what you will lose before investing in another company.

What are some things to consider before investing in 401k's?

How long will it be before you retire? If retirement is a long ways away, then invest in an agressive plan that will earn more, Decide how risk-averse you are before investing in a particular 401K plan.

What are some dangers of investing in money market mutual funds?

Money invested in money market mutual funds may not earn enough to keep up with the level of inflation. They are not usually government insured which means there is an element of risk.

Is purchase of a computer investing cash flow?

Purchase of computer is investing activity, investing activity included when invests in some other company.

Who first invested classical music?

Classical music was invested first by some guy from ancient Egypt I think.

What are some considerations before investing in a new Chevrolet car?

Some considerations before investing in a new Chevrolet car include your storage and transportation needs, how many seats you will need, safety and reliability features of the car and pricing of the car. Make sure you can afford to purchase the car by budgeting out how much the payments would be with your other bills factored in.

Should I get involved in corporate bond investing?

Corporate bond investing is a great way to diversify your portfolio since you already have some Muni Bonds. Before you consider a corporate bond, you should check the credit rating on the bond first.

What are some of the risks involved in investing in Bonds?

Bonds are one of the most preferred investment instruments for the risk averse investor who wants a decent return on investment (ROI) and capital preservation at the same time. Bonds are debt obligations which pay out a fixed interest on the invested sum and pay back the whole invested principal at maturity. Unfortunately, Bonds are not so straight forward as they might sound. There are many risks involved in investing in Bonds. These risks can cause losses to the investors bond portfolio and defeat the whole purpose of capital preservation. Some of the risks involved in investing in Bonds are: 1. Interest Rate Risk 2. Re-investment Risk 3. Call Risk 4. Default Risk & 5. Inflation Risk

What would be financial goals that you would want to meet before before you begin investing?

Keep in mind that all forms of investing have associated with them a certain element of risk. There is always the chance you will lose some or all of the money you invest. There are three important issues to consider before you decide to begin investing:Training - Do you know how to go about investing such that you are reasonably confident that you can consistently make money as an investor?Assets - Do you have sufficient money saved up and regular income coming in on a regular basis so you can meet all of your financial obligations without the use of the money you plan to invest?Personality - Are you emotionally stable so fear and greed will not take over when you have important investing decisions to make?If the answer to any of the above questions is NO, then it might be best that you not begin investing.

What are the benefits of investing corporations?

Investing in some corporations is beneficial because they are established, proven businesses occupying a niche. Some of these companies occupy multiple niches, which lends diversity.

What are some benefits to investing in bonds?

Some benefits of investing in bonds are you will receive your money, whether the company does bad or not in the market. Also, the payments will remain the same over time.

What are some good investing tips?

Good investing tips can vary. One of the biggest investing tips, is to only invest money you can afford to lose. Another one would be to know when to pull out of an investment.

What are some guidelines for how to buy gold?

Clear all or most of your debt before investing in gold. Also consider why you planning on investing in gold. Gold is usually just a place holder of wealth that slow grows over time. Bond usually have a higher rate of return.

What are some alternatives to investing in the stock market?

Some alternatives to investing in the stock market incluse CDs, real estate, annuities, and bonds. Also, opening a savings account is a good option for some people.

What are some of the best books for beginning investing?

There are many great books to help one begin investing. Some of the best books are "How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street", "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing," and "The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need".

What books will provide you with a stock market investing 101 level of understanding?

Books stores are filled with books outlining the basics of stock market investing. Some of the most popularly purchased of these books include "Stock Investing for Dummies", "Stock Market 101 Simplified", and "Investing 101."

What are stocks as in Wall Street and economics?

Stocks in Wall Street and economics refer to the owning of a share of a corporation. Stocks are a means of investing in someone or some company that one deems worthy.

Where can I learn some tips on investing for beginners?

The " For Dummies" book series has a book for just about every topic, they even have an " Investing for Dummies" book. This book will teach you every thing you need to know about investing. this book can be purchased on amazon.

Can insurance company incentive a customer?

Yes. By investing some of the fund

Where can $5000 takes me in investing?

Even a small sum like $5000 can get you started in investing. Your strategy will depend on your time frame and your goals. Look into some mutual funds which can provide you with some reliable growth.

I had this bird cage looking thing one time but it looked like a rain forest When you plugged it in a pump would push water to the top and then it would flow down some strings and make it look like i?

You make no sense. Before investing in anymore aimless possessions I suggest investing in a education.

Where can I learn the investing basics?

I would talk with an investment banker before you do anything. They would have the most information out there that they can give you. If you don't want to do that just do some searching locally to see what you can find.

What is social investing?

Social investing is linking investment returns with social returns. Joining a forum or some kind of investment website where you can compare and help each other out would be classed as social investing. It is quite a broad term and could also be interpreted as meaning investing in a social media company or something of that sort.

What are some test taking strategies?

Study the night before, have someone quiz you the night before, and PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS

What benefits does bond investing have?

It is much safer investing in bonds because they are more secure. If you were to invest in stocks you are taking the chance of perhaps loosing some or all of your investment.