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If it's a summer job your looking for go to ice cream/water ice shops. They are always looking for workers during the summer, and most are willing to hire young people.

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2007-05-18 01:37:33
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Q: What are some jobs for a 15-year-old in Wisconsin?
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Where did the polish settle in Wisconsin?

Many Poles moved to Wisconsin. Some moved to Milwaukee for factory jobs. Others bought dairy farms.

Where can I find agricultural jobs in Wisconsin?

There are agricultural jobs listed in Wisconsin for many different job titles. Some of those job titles are in sales, production manager, dairy specialist, and feed additive sales to name a few.

Are there job opportunities in Wisconsin?

There are plenty of job opportunities in Wisconsin. Not finding jobs in Wisconsin should be ones concern if they are moving there. Moreover, Wisconsin also has many job centers which is a free service. They can help you find the best jobs.

What types of jobs do people have in Wisconsin?

People in Wisconsin are farmers to grow vegetables and fruits.

Where can I find Wisconsin government jobs?

Wisconsin government jobs may be found by doing searches on jobs listing websites. They may also be found in city, county, and state official websites.

Where can I find a job in Wisconsin?

You can find jobs in Wisconsin by going to their website at the Gov domain. The site lists all the jobs in all the industries available there. Look into that to start.

What jobs are available in Wisconsin?

One can find jobs in the Wisconsin area by checking the website and finding the city in which you want to apply for jobs. You can also narrow down the search by clicking on the categories in which you are interested in applying to.

Where did the polish settled in?

Many Poles moved to Wisconsin. Some moved to Milwaukee for factory jobs. Others bought dairy farms.

Where can I find jobs advertised in Wisconsin?

Job market in Wisconsin is pretty good. You can find a job depending on what kind you are looking for with pretty good pay. To get some ideas, go to or or craigslist

What are some landmarks in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin dells!

What are the push factors to Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has lost a lot of jobs in manufacturing. Mirro Aluminum, Manitowoc Cranes, General Motors in Janesville, Oscar Meyer in Madison, General Electric, Chrysler, and Joy Global Surface Mining have closed. So people look for jobs out of Wisconsin.

Where can I find Wisconsin jobs?

You can find Wisconsin jobs online by using a simple online job search website like Or you can walk around the area and look for help wanted signs, and then apply for the position!

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