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If it's a summer job your looking for go to ice cream/water ice shops. They are always looking for workers during the summer, and most are willing to hire young people.

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Q: What are some jobs for a 15-year-old in Wisconsin?
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Where did the polish settle in Wisconsin?

Many Poles moved to Wisconsin. Some moved to Milwaukee for factory jobs. Others bought dairy farms.

What types of jobs do people have in Wisconsin?

People in Wisconsin are farmers to grow vegetables and fruits.

Where can I find jobs advertised in Wisconsin?

Job market in Wisconsin is pretty good. You can find a job depending on what kind you are looking for with pretty good pay. To get some ideas, go to or or craigslist

What are some landmarks in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin dells!

What are the push factors to Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has lost a lot of jobs in manufacturing. Mirro Aluminum, Manitowoc Cranes, General Motors in Janesville, Oscar Meyer in Madison, General Electric, Chrysler, and Joy Global Surface Mining have closed. So people look for jobs out of Wisconsin.

Where can I find Wisconsin jobs?

You can find Wisconsin jobs online by using a simple online job search website like Or you can walk around the area and look for help wanted signs, and then apply for the position!

What will Barack Obama do to create more jobs?

what do u think about black people in wisconsin?

What types of job opportunities are available through the Job Center of Wisconsin?

There are a wide variety of jobs available through the Job Center of Wisconsin. The main jobs they focus on are Trucking and Manufacturing. If you need a job in those field that is the place to go.

Where can I find a neurology job in Wisconsin? is a good place yo look. You could also try

Where can I apply for jobs in the state of Wisconsin?

Suggestions for one who is unemployed and looking for a job in the state of Wisconsin is to go to the work place and ask for the application or apply online.

Where are dillards in Wisconsin?

There are no Dillards in Wisconsin. There are some in Iowa and Illinois however.

What are some natural resources from Wisconsin?

Wisconsin- dairy, water, and soil

What are some historical things that happened in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Dells Opened ^

Where can I find daycare jobs in Wisconsin?

Currently there are no listings for any daycare jobs in your area. You may be able to find babysitting work by seraching

Who is the Mayor of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has a governor, not a mayor. Some cities have mayors. The current Wisconsin governor is Scott Walker.

Are there any jobs for 12-year-old girls in Wisconsin?

house chores

ihave a disrespectful and very defiant 15yearold daughter do you have a school in your area that she can attend?

It depends on where you are; call your daughter's high school and ask for their advice.

What are some places that begin with letter X and is in Wisconsin?

Xavier High School is a school in Appleton, Wisconsin. Xanadu Road is a street in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

What are some of your results for comparing Texas and Wisconsin?

hot in Texas and cold in Wisconsin

What is some thing that starts with e in Wisconsin?

· Eau Claire is a city in Wisconsin

What are some dangerous animals in Wisconsin?

Rattlesnakes can be found in western wisconsin, also there are many black bears in northern wisconsin.

Where is the best Bass fishing in Wisconsin?

The Mississippi river has some of the best bass fishing in Wisconsin. It is located on the western border of Wisconsin.

What jobs has Paul Ryan held before running for vic president of the US?

He is currently a Representative from Wisconsin.

What are some jobs in the wet season?

Some of the jobs in the wet season include the agriculturist jobs.Some of jobs in the wet season include plumbing and the raod construction jobs.

What is the name of some plants in Wisconsin?

One plant in Wisconsin is called the Wisconsin Fast Plant. Look it up to find more info about it.