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how about being a sewer cleaner ?

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Are frogs afraid of snakes?

Many frogs are afraid of snakes because some snakes prey on frogs.

Can snakes eat poison dart frogs?

some types of snakes can eat the poison dart frogs, if they can cope with the poison.

Can frogs eat other frogs?

yes all frogs are carnivores and some do eat other frogs. some even eat snakes and rats!

Do snakes eat frogs in the rainforest?

Yes, some do.

Does a snake come before a frog in the food chain?

Some species of snakes that live by ponds do eat frogs. Frogs, generally, do not eat snakes, however some very large frogs and toads have been known to ingest small repties.

What eats northern leopard frogs?

Hawks And some sorts of snakes

What animals live in the shallow water?

frogs some snakes and salamanders

What kind of animals eat frogs?

owls, hawks, snakes, and some other kind of birds eat frogs to.

What is a fresh water snails predator?

fish, some snakes, some birds and frogs

What are some of the species that invaded Australian?

kangaoos, snakes and many frogs underground

What animals do not mate for life?

Some Fish, frogs, lizards, snakes and seahorses.

What animals can only live in a swamp?

these are some i know; crocodiles, snakes, and frogs

What are some blue blooded animals?

Some blue blooded Animals are salamander, snakes, and frogs

What creatures eat frogs?

Many people eat the legs of certain species.And no, not just the french, certain snakes and birds and carnivores eat them, it just depends on what type. As some frogs are toxic, there aren't a lot of things that can stomach them.A frog eats anything that fits in it's mouth that moves. Snakes, wading birds, raccoons, and other mid-sized animals eat frogs. Frogs will eat flies, worms, crickets, moths, and other insects. Or, if there is another frog nearby that is small enough to swallow, that frog will be eaten. Snakes, birds, bigger frogs, mongooses, rats, raccoons, and others eat frogs.Snakes and lizards and some bugs eat frogs.Frogs eat dragon flies and most bugs and sometimes other smaller frogs.snakes.cats and foxesJust about anything, even humans...ever heard of frog legs? (o:the thing that eats frogs are eagles-snakes .snakes.

What are some African rain forest reptiles?

Some examples include chameleons, frogs, and many snakes

What are some Wetland consumers?

some wetland consumers are owls, rattle snakes, bull frogs, etc

What animals live in coastal forest?

some animal are jaguars,frogs, snakes and spiders

What species use regeneration?

A lot of reptiles - lizards, snakes, geckos and some frogs.

All animals of the tropical rain forest?

some are frogs, monkeys,snakes, and birds.

What are some jobs that have to deal with the Endocrine System?

There are several different jobs that deal directly with the endocrine system. Some of these jobs include physicians, nurses, public health officials, and veterinarians.

Can corn snake eat bullfrog?

-Corn Snakes are rodent specialists in nature. (Yes, they will also raid bird nests.) -Some other snakes specialize in eating frogs/toads. -Snakes that eat frogs/toads have built up a resistance to the toxins produced by frogs/toads. -Corn Snakes have no such resistance. -It might not kill the Corn Snake to feed it a frog, but it isn't worth the risk.

Can a snake really eat a frog?

Yes. In fact there are some snakes that specialize in eating frogs.

What are consumers of rivers?

Fish, tadpoles, frogs, snakes, lizards(some), fresh water crocodile's.

What does snakes in SPAIN eat?

Typically most snakes feed on rodents, ranging from mice to small livestock. Some snakes also eat fish, insects, frogs, and other reptiles, including other snakes.

What are some carnivores that live in the wetlands?

alligators, crocodiles, herons, certain frogs, storks, snakes, some fishalligator

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