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Who passed the law for the TSA body scanners and when was it passed?

There is no "law" passed specifically to authorize body scanners. The Homeland Security Act, which was the enabling legislation for the Department of Homeland Security, is the basis under which that Cabinet level department operates.

Who needs to agree before legislation can be passed?

The sovereign needs to agree before the legislation can be passed

Legislation passed during Harding's administration was the?

Emergency Quota Act was the legislation that as passed during Harding's administration.

What is the most significant social legislation passed by the us?

what was the most significant social legislation passed by any congress in the history of the US?

Under William Taft Congress passed legislation that?

Under William Taft, Congress passed legislation that eliminated business monopolies.

Gerald Ford what legislation legislation passed during presidency?

stock market

Which branch can veto a piece of legislation?

The Executive Branch can veto legislation that is passed by Congress.

When was HIPPA first introduced into legislation and passed?

passed August 21, 1996.

What does the president vetoed the legislation mean?

It means that the President has not accepted the legislation even though it was passed by the Entire House of Representatives. The Veto can be over ridden by a 2/3rds majority of the Congress- Then the legislation is passed into law.

Difference between legislation and delegated legislation?

Primary legislation is the legislation which has been passed by elected leaders, such as Parliament or Congress. Delegated legislation is rules and regulations which is set by the civil service, which cannot override Primary Legislation.

When was the medicare program started?

The legislation was passed in 1965

The first major federal legislation passed to encourage competition in the US was the?

Sherman Antitrust Act was the first major federal legislation passed to encourage competition in the United States.

The federal government passed legislation lowering the speed limit to 55 the purpose of this legislation was for?

conserving the supplies of oil

What implements legislation?

Legislation is implemented after it is passed by both houses and signed by the president. At that point, it becomes the law of the land.

What is South Dakota Legislation?

The legislation of South Dakota is a LAW passed or the process of being made in the state legislature.

Who can veto legislation passed by congress?

The President (Executive Branch)

Who makes the laws in Ireland?

Legislation is passed by the Dail and the Senate.

What piece of legislation was passed by parliament in 1765?

The Stamp Act

Legislation passed during Harding's administration was the what?

prohibition act

Which legislation passed to support the Eighteenth Amendment?

The Volstead Act

When was anti nuclear legislation passed?

1952 15 of august

Can the president veto legislation passed by both houses of congress?

The president can veto legislation that comes from the Senate. The Senate has the ability to kill legislation that comes to them from the House.

What is the definition of enrolled legislation?

It means the legislation has passed both houses of legislation (i.e. House of Delegates & Senate) and is awaiting either approval or veto by the Governor.

What branch of government has the power to veto legislation?

The Executive Branch, or the president to be specific, has the power to veto legislation passed by Congress.

Which group benefited the most from reform legislation passed during the Progressive era?

Which group benefited the most from progressive legislation.