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Today's Liposuction is not safe, no matter how many ads tell you it is. It's a dangerous procedure in which cannulas are jabbed repeatedly into the body with surgeons using a "blind hand" to guide these tools which can perpetrate organs and leave patients disabled, disfigured, or dead. Horror stories are abundant, but do not make it into the media. If you do online research on liposuction, you may find quite a few people sharing their bad experiences, and it's important to not that the most trafficked website often blocks users for trying to warn others.

It's necessary to remember that some people praise during the "honeymoon" phase after the bruising and before the fat redistributes. And even so, there are far more positive testimonials than complaints out there, many of them manufactured by the surgeons, and many short-term results that people later realize are bad.

Some people experience lumpiness and an uneven look long after the recovery should be over. Surgeons may remove too much fat from some areas or not enough, causing an uneven appearance. Ultrasound Assisted-Lipoplasty (UAL) involves the use of ultrasound technology to liquefy fat cells. One patient was sent to the hospital after having the UAL procedure when she began urinating blood. Though her surgeon has not spoken about it, that patient believes that her bladder was damaged during the process. Because of the technique used, many patients experience burns as well. UAL has also been reported to cause bowel and kidney perforations in some patients. Because liposuction is a surgical procedure, some pain should be expected and some people live in excruciating pain for the rest of their lives due to liposuction.

Some surgeons tend to do these procedures without the assistance of an anesthesiologist; they are many times unable to alleviate any unexpected pain during the liposuction. It should be noted, however, that all patients have different pain tolerance levels, and what is painful for some may not be for others. There are a number of other side effects that are not listed here, not all transparently listed on the 9 page consent from that keeps growing to try to protect surgeons from the harm they are causing.

As to the general overall opinion of it being safe, in regard to other procedures, it is riskier with a higher Death Rate, deformities, and complication. But because of unreported incidents of complications there is no true numbers on the seriousness of the procedure. One true side effect documented in 2002 in approx. 45% of patients is a 1 to 2 cup breast increase. As beneficial as that may be it is barely ever noted by the surgeons, and if that's what you don't want then it's a problem.

Some of the more serious problems are: nerve problems, tissue perforations, severe and prolonged edema, constant pain, blotchy skin, seromas, third spacing, fluid shifts, cardiac fluctuations, thromboembolisms (blood clots mainly in the legs), scaring, infections, increase in insulin resistence, increase in metabolic syndrome, and more. But ask a surgeon and they read through them like lawyers reading the legal at the end of a car ad. And if something does go wrong, they either ignore you or send you on a goose chase with no goose to catch until the time frame for a lawsuit has passed. Also to answer the last part of the question is that, relying on scientific studies on rodents, and human studies such as the one mentioned in "The Belly Finds What the Thighs Lose" article, interviews and personal experience I believe the procedure is risky with long-term medical and aesthetic harm.

There are dangerous board certified and cosmetic doctors masquerading as "TOP EXPERTS". The experts, by the way, often cover up for each other in court.

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Q: What are some liposuction horror stories and how often do these occur?
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