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What are some main disadvantages to nitrogen?

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There are some disadvantages to nitrogen, especially in inflation. Two disadvantages include the expense of nitrogen, and the fact that more tire maintenance will be needed if nitrogen is used.

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Advantages and disadvantages of nitrogen?


Disadvantages and advantages of liquid nitrogen?

It is more simple to transport liquid nitrogen compared to gaseous nitrogen.

What are the main nitrogen reservoirs?

The atmosphere is the main reservoir in the biosphere and the largest nitrogen reservoir is the nitrogen gas(N2)

What is the main reservoir of nitrogen in the biosphere?

The atmosphere is the main reservoir of nitrogen in the biosphere.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of nitrogen cycle?

i need answers.

What are the common disadvantages of ammonium sulfate?

The main disadvantage to the use of ammonium sulfate is its low nitrogen content relative to ammonium nitrate, which elevates transportation costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of nitrogen fertilizers?

Advantages: When soil has no more natural supply of nitrogen, the fertilizers give nitrogen back to the soil. Disadvantages: Any nitrogen that isn't absorbed leaks into water supplies and creates large growths of algae, which can be harmful to other aquatic species.

What are the main steps in the nitrogen cycle?

what are the main steps in the nitrogen cycle? A.) nitrogen moves from the air to the soil, then into living things, and back into the air

What are some disadvantages of using fertilizers?

Some let off harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrous oxides and more.

Main advantages and disadvantages of DVD ROM?

the main advantages and disadvantages of a dvd rom

What is the main function of nitrogen for plant growth?

What is the function of nitrogen

What is the main source of nitrogen for plants?

the main source of nitrogen for plants is nitrate ions which is present in soil particles

What are the major parts in the nitrogen cycle?

Nitrogen is the main components of the cycle.

Is nitrogen Malleable or Ductile?

Nitrogen is a GAS, the main component of air.

What are the main gases of mars atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide is about 95%. Then there's some nitrogen and argon.

What are the disadvantages of liquid nitrogen?

liquid nitrogen has capacity to make things solid(frozen) thats why it is not allowable to sell in market

What is the main way that nitrogen gas leaves the soil and gets into the air?

Denitrification by different types of bacteria of some nitrogen compounds (nitrates, ammonia, nitrites) lead to nitrogen gas which is released in the atosphere.

What are the Four main disadvantages of commodity money?

some disadvantages of commodity money are its not portable, durable, uniform or divisible, it usually works in small economies

Main component of air?

The main component of air is nitrogen.

What is the main ingredient in nitrogen?

nitrogen is an element, thus it is as broken down as possible

What are some substances in nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a gaseous element, that is, what is in nitrogen is nitrogen.

The main component of air is what?


The main component of air is?


What are some Nutrients used by primary producers?

The main nutrients in the soil that are needed by autotrophs are nitrogen and phosphorous.

Advantages and disadvantages of bribery?

The main advantages of bribery is that you get what you want quickly. Disadvantages of bribery include that in some cases it is illegal. Another disadvantage is that it sets a precedent that you will pay for what you want in some way.