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London, Birmingham, glasgow, liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Bristol. There are more.

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What major cities are in the United Kingdom?

London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast are some of them.

What are some major food products in the United Kingdom?

Human flesh.

What are some major cities in London?

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. Other cities include Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, York, Bristol etc, etc.

What are all the major ewports of Chile?

What are some major cities in Chile? What are some major cities in Chile? What are some major cities in Chile?

What are the major waterforms of the United Kingdom?

There are quite a number of water forms in the United Kingdom. Some of the major ones include River Thames, River Trent, River Severn and so many others.

What are the major cities in the African kingdom?

There are many countries in Africa, some of them are kingdoms. You need to specify which country.

What are some ethnic groups in the united kingdom?

Virtually every ethnic group can be found in the UK, particularly in the big cities.

What are some major cities in Nevada?

Some major cities are Reno and Carson city.

What are some major cities in Quebec?

some major cities are Montreal, and Qubec city.

What are some major cities in Italy?

Some major cities in Italy are Rome, Milan, and Naples.

Does UK have any cities?

Yes, the United Kingdom has lots of cities. Some of these include London, Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham, Edinburgh and many, many others.

Major cities in Madagascar?

There are several major cities that are located in Madagascar. Some of the major cities are Antananarivo, Toamasina, and Fianarantsoa.

What cities in America are considered futuristic cities?

"Many major United States metropolitan cities are considered to be cities of the future. Some of these cities are Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Washington D. C."

What were some major cities in ancient Egypt?

some of the major cities in Egypt are Thebes, Alexandria, and Cairo.

What are some websites to look for info on the united kingdom?

Wikipedia and search United Kingdom.

What are some major cities in the US?

Some major cities in the United States of America are:Washington DCLos AngelesNew York CityChicagoAlabamaDetroitDallasClevelandBostonHoustonSan FransiscoPhoenix

What are some of the major tourist attractions in Northeast?

The Northeast United States is home to many major cities such as New York and Boston. In those cities there are major historical attractions such as Boston's Freedom Trail and the Statue of Liberty in New York.

What cities hosted the olympics?

Some of the cities that hosted the Olympics areAthen ,GreeceParis,FranceLos Angeles,United StatesLondon,United Kingdom"That's just about all that I know..... hope the info is good enough :) "- Anonymous...

Where are some Holiday Inn hotel locations in the UK?

The Holiday Inn London Mayfair Hotel is located in the United Kingdom. Other Holiday Inn hotels are located throughout the United Kingdom, as well, in cities like Birmingham and Liverpool.

What are some major cities in Hawaii?

some major cities in hawaii are: honolulu, hilo, honomu, and pearl harbor

What are some of the major cities in Bahrain?

The major cities in Bahrain are Riffa, Muharraq, Manama

What are some other major cities in haiti?

two other major cities of haiti

What are some providers of contract jobs in UK?

The Synergy Group is a major provider of contract jobs in the United Kingdom. Tier 2 is another provider of contract jobs in the United Kingdom, though less well known.

What are mali major cities?

Some major cities in Mali include Bamako, Sikasso, and Kalabancoro.

What major cities were in Rhode Island colony?

what are some major cities in the colony rhode island