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Wedding Planner Duties

Wedding planners are hired by engaged couples and/or their families to help coordinate the big event. They are party planners who have expertise in planning weddings. A wedding planner consults with the to-be bride and groom and according to the feedback that he receives from them, takes care of many things:

  • Ordering the flowers
  • Will find a photographer and work with that photographer about where you want your pictures taken.
  • Will take care of the invitations.
  • Books the venues for the selected date.
  • Manages choosing a menu.
  • Can even choose your wedding cake for you.
  • Will take care of either a band or a DJ (whatever you prefer.)
  • It is the job of the wedding planner to deal with the various vendors and see that he can get the best possible rates from different vendors for his clients.
  • Wedding planners usually have a great sense of fashion and this helps them to ensure that everything is tasteful and color coordinated for the wedding. They are responsible for ensuring that the theme of the wedding is reflected in all aspects of the wedding.
  • The wedding planner manages the money and ensures that the wedding is according to budget.
  • Making the bride happy by relieving her of all the small details and fulfilling her dreams.
  • Decorations and planning for the reception.
  • You usually choose your own church, but the wedding planner will choose a nice reception hall, have it decorated in your colors, and work with administration of the facilities to be sure that everything gets done.
  • Will take care of limo service.
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Q: What are some major duties in the work of a wedding planner?
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Where do you go to get hired to be a wedding planner?

For hire wedding planner you should go to wedding burro and they can contact you to wedding planer. Indian Matrimony I presume you already have some qualification or experience as a wedding planner. If not, you will have to impress with your interpersonal skills.

Who is wedding planner Jag Krystal?

Jag krystal is a very successful uk wedding planner,with some of the biggest Asian wedding constructed under his brand krystal group.

What do you major in if you want to become a wedding planner?

I think Hospitality Some collages have Hospitality or something like Hospitality and Tourism Management

What is the annual salary for a wedding planner?

The average annual salary for a wedding planner is $40,000. Some can make much more depending on experience and location.

How much should a wedding planner cost?

It is difficult to know what the wedding planner should cost because some people have elaborate weddings while other people have smaller weddings. Phone around to wedding planners and get some prices and let them know your budget (save the footwork) and then chose one and make an appointment. Remember, the more you want from your wedding planner the more expensive it will be. You have the option of working on your own wedding even though you have a wedding planner, such as some of the decorating at the reception hall, but it is far easier to work directly with the wedding planner. Small weddings with simple decorations can be beautiful. If you want to save money do not order Tropical flowers if you have to have them shipped in and ask your wedding planner for less expensive flowers. Flowers of any sort are always beautiful if presented well.

What a wedding designer needs to plan a wedding?

A wedding designer doesn't plan a wedding, he designs it. The wedding planner has to plan every single details of the wedding : guests, outfits, ceremony, reception, food, drinks, music, photos, wedding cake... He's the wedding coordinator. Whereas the wedding designer is in charge of the decoration only. Also, some wedding planners take care of the decoration too. As I do. It can be less expensive if the wedding planner is in charge of everything. I hope it can help you. Johanna, Cherry Wedding : wedding planner Paris

What will jobs be like in the future for a wedding planner?

The role of the wedding planner will develop. In order to become more of a mainstream job in large companies, the industry needs to become more welcoming and has to begin to understand the role of the wedding planner and coordinator. Equally brides and grooms also need to begin to spend time understanding how a wedding planner can help them and enhance their wedding planning experience. Hopefully, Wedding Planner jobs in the future will be rewarding, well paid and plentiful, with some companies leading the way in training, career paths and recognition.

What services can I expect a wedding planner to provide?

A wedding planner should be able to help provide: Music, catering & food, decorations, location, invitations, photography, and guest services (providing chairs, etc.). Though you may not want or need some of these services, the planner should be able to get them plus many more. Basically, if you want it for your wedding, your planner should be able to get it.

How much does wedding planners make per wedding?

It varies greatly depending on the size of the wedding, how much the planner does and your location... a planner in Toronto will definitely make alot more than one in Eyebrow Saskatchewan. +_+ At some churches it is a "ministry," and the planners do not take money. At some churches it is a donation (usually around $100US). If you are hiring a professional wedding planner, you will spend $250-750 for their service. +_+

Would you hire a wedding planner?

Manage a wedding is not an easy task and there are so many things to do in a wedding ceremony. So if you want to think to hire a wedding planner then I think it's a good idea as by this you can get relax from some departments like photography, design and videography with others.

What are some movies that revolve around a wedding?

There have been many movies that have revolved around weddings. Some examples are The Wedding Planner, The Wedding Date, The Wood, 27 Dresses and Made of Honor.

How can you get a free wedding planner sent to yourself?

Buy a bridal magazine. Quite often they have wedding planners inside them. Also there are some good resources for wedding planning online.

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