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A major landform of Hong Kong is the Tai Mo Shan mountain which stands at 958 meter.

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What are some landforms in Hong Kong?

There are a variety of landforms in Hong Kong. These include hills, mountains, sea coast, as well as a river.

What are the human characteristics of Hong Kong?

Some human characteristics of Hong Kong is that they are asian

Does people want Hong Kong to be polluted?

Some people may want hong kong to be polluted But the other people would no want hong kong to be polluted.

What are some cool things to do in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong you can visit some historical places and, also stay at beautiful hotels!

What is the religion percentage for Hong Kong?

Around 20% of people in Hong Kong practise some form of religion.

What are some major rivers in Nicaragua?

what are the major landforms in nicaragua. what are the major landforms in nicaragua.

How do you travel between Hong Kong and Shanghai?

By air, there are some discount ticket from Hong Kong to Shanghai. By train, if you have enough time, you can travel to Shanghai by train from Hong Kong: T100, 19 hours.

Where can you buy GTA IV in Hong Kong?

In some Hong Kong records shops, or a professional gaming store somewhere in Wanchai

How long does it take for a parcel to reach India from Hong Kong using Hong Kong post?

i have ordered some non electronic stuff from Hong Kong. Its been 2 weeks and i haven't received it yet.

What are the traditional values in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a city in the People's Republic of China with a population of 7.155 million. Some traditional values in Hong Kong are family, being courteous and having a good reputation.

How many buildings are there in hong kong?

There are over 7,000,000 buildings in Hong Kong. There are several very tall buildings as well that take up some of that amount.There are more than 7000 buildings in hong kong

What landforms are in Connecticut?

what are some major landforms of conneticut?

When did Hong Kong host the Olympics?

Hong Kong help host some event of the 2008 Olympic but it has never hosted the Olympics on its own.

What are some major landforms of Jamaica?

One of the major landforms of Jamaica are the Blue Mountains.

What are some major landforms in Nicaragua?

some of nicaraguas major landforms are its volcanoes,lakes,beaches,and rivers.hope that helps!

What are some of the festivals that are celebrate in Hong Kong?

Some festivals which are celebrated in Hong Kong include the Chinese New Year, Spring Lantern Festival, and the Ching Ming festival.

How far is Hong Kong from the Great Wall of China?

About 1200 miles and some people are asking if the Great Wall is in Hong Kong its in the Gobi Desert.

What are some of the temples in Hong Kong called?

Temple of the dog

What are some of Edmonton's landforms?

edmontons landforms is the largest city in Canada no major landforms that are natural

What major landforms are in Finland?

There are a variety of major landforms in Finland. Some of these landforms include hills and low mountains, the Archipelago Sea, and lakes.

What are some major landforms in Connecticut?

Rivers, valleys, hills, lakes, forests, and towns are some of the major landforms in colonial Connecticut!

What are some currencies that begin with the letter H?

A currency that begins with the letter H. A Hong Kong Dollar A currency that begins with the letter H. A Hong Kong Dollar

Why do Hugo Boss jackets cost 25 percent more in Hong Kong?

cause some times thats where its made and Hong Kong has more factories and people.

What are the major cities in the pacific region?

Some of the major cities that lie in the Pacific Region are Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Others include San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Honolulu.

What are some holidays celebrated in Hong Kong?

chiniese new year