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What are some major rivers in the state of Virginia?


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the answer is James River.Potomac River.Rappahannock River,and the York River

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There are several major rivers located in the state of Virginia. Some include the Potomac-Shenandoah, York, James, Tennessee, and the Big Sandy.

Some of the major rivers in the state of Colorado are Adams Fork Conejos River, Colorado River, and the Arkansas River. Dolores River and Green River are also major rivers in the state.

There are several major highways in the state of Virginia. Some of the highways are U.S. Route 19, State Route 28, and State Route 39.

Some major lakes and rivers in Washington State are the Columbia, Snake, Yamika and Chehalis Rivers and the Franklin D. Roosevelt, Beaver, Washington and Long Lakes. There are many many more, but the major ones are listed.

Taiwan, which is officially known as the Republic of China, is a state in East Asia. Some of its major rivers include Gaoping, Jhuoshuei, Danshuei, Wu and Dajia.

West Virginia contains several rivers, including the Potomac River and the Kanawha River. The state also contains the Allegheny Mountains.

major rivers of Vietnam is the Mekong River

by Teven Darden farming land and rivers best anwser

Virginia soils are suitable for growing tobacco, grain, and fruits. The southwestern part of the state has good land.

Some of the major rivers in Germany include Danube, Elbe and Rhine. These are also regarded among the main rivers in Europe.

The yellow river,and the Yangzi river those are the 2 major rivers

There are many rivers found within the state of Louisiana. Some include Lake Pontchartrain, Tchefuncte River, Pass Manhac, and the Blind River.

West Virginia is the Mountain State, so with mountains come valleys. Pretty much all the rivers that come through the state are in a valley, such as the Kanawha Valley and the Greenbrier Valley, and the New River Valley.

The Danube, the Rhine, the Volga, the Thames, and the Po River are some major European rivers.

There are many major rivers which are located in Europe. Some of the largest include the Volga, Danube, Ural, and Dnieper rivers.

There are no moutains or rivers in the Vatican.

There are a number of major lakes and rivers in the state of California. Some of these include the Sacramento River, the San Joaquin River, Lake Tahoe, and Shasta Lake.

Some major rivers in Brazil are obviously The Amazon River, but then there are less popular ones like Paraguai River that is pretty much all the rivers i can think of. :~)

Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) is the major airport in Virginia.

There are five major rivers in France. The Loire, the Seine, the Garrone, the Rhone, and the Rhine. These rivers have several small tributaries.

There are many rivers in Singapore. Some of the major rivers include the Rochor Canal, Singapore River, Geylang River, and the Siglap Canal.

Some of the major rivers in Spain include the Ebro, Aragon, Duero, Minho, Nervion and Segara.

what are the major landforms in nicaragua. what are the major landforms in nicaragua.

The major river of Maryland is the Potomac River. Some of the other important rivers are the Patuxent, which flows from west of Baltimore down to the southern tip of the state, and the Monocacy, which drains the area east of Washington.

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