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an animaljam code for a free membership is butterfly


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anmailjampartywertyalexmaunlololololkiolyui unlited member

These are some codes that are not expired elxplore2012 gecko

gorilla, explore2012, and explorer

These are some animal jam codes: playwild playfree foodfight moviebytes newyear speedy hammock potion and a few more..... If you want to Bff me on Animaljam my accounts are RoyalNavy & NavyGirl

Here are just some of the codes for Discovery, foodfight, playwild, playfree, campwild, danceparty, POTION, and NewYearJam. If you order National Geographic Kids magazines there might be a code on one of the advertisement pages for AnimalJam

On animaljam you have to go to Jam Mart clothing and buy the member bat wings and type in- Non-member#6 and hop and run out of the store and look at your list, and there you go! Hope it helped!!- Sincerely, NeoSplash of Animaljam

hi i am on animal jam and here are some codes that might work Coralreef spooky gorilla ajexplore2012 hammok and i have lots more hope these work!

i know two animal jam codes form 2013 the first one is bemybuddy and the second one is birthdaybash people have said it does not work but it still does if you go on the membership page and click on member codes redeem your code here if you type it in correctly then it will work just make sure to take the survey for one thousand gems

no there is not. to get all of the animals you have to be a member!

playfree playwild potion newyearjam Hope this helped! ! i love wolves!!! ok im done!!!

playwild is one but i don't no any others

umm hi please be my buddy on animljam it is sunshine45543

Some codes for animaljam are playwild, playfree, potion, foodfight, discovery, newyearjam, and danceparty. (do not put any spaces} ,gecko,campfire,treasure

Some cheat codes to be a free member is to get alot of coins.

you get it on the April fools party but you have to be a member to buy it

there is a new code for 2014 its called TIGRIS

There are no codes. You must buy a membership.

here are some animaljam codes, if they don't work, please don't blame me, the internet said it! butterfly danceparty animal jam x foxes0456 articwolves78 wolfoverparty giraffesrule plushie4356 myanimaljam den574532 pillow765380926 THIS IS MY MEMBER CODE DON;T TELL ANYONE PLEASE! :( BO4170P43NUC3 ADD ME, songmiina THANKS OH AND MORE CODES AQUARIUM MOVIES45346 APPONDALE92 PETS32075 65FPLUSHIE48573290 I HOPE I HELPED YOU A LOT AND PLEASE ENJOY YOUR MEMBERSHIP, USE IT QUICK OR IT MIGHT BE OUT OF DATE... BYE. PLEASE ADD ME TOO!

i know 1 code somebody awnserd butterfly


ONe of them is ajbday it gives you not money but it gives yo0u a birthday cake!

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