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What are some mental ways to fall asleep besides counting?

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Reading a book helps a lot for some. TV is said to be very bad. Meditation techniques or anything else that rests your mind might help. And doing something boring not something exciting. Music also helps. also make sure you are comfortable on where you sleep. moderate temperature, no bedbugs or insects, smells good and clean, no noises.

there are 2 ways to target when trying or forcing yourself to fall asleep.

the key is aim your brain to reduce it's present function.

1st , dont think too much. stop worrying what will happen or what you have to do when you wake up. just focus on trying to get some sleep.

support it by relaxing your senses.

Eyes- turn off the lights or if you're a child open a little light so you wont be afraid of the dark. Reading also help by diverting the mind focus. it helps it reduce it's function by letting it busy on something rather than think of everything.

Ears - make sure you are in a quite place. if you can't put on a headset and listen to slow songs. this also has the same effect of diverting the focus of the mind into something boring rather than everything it hears.

nose - Make sure you can breathe well in the area. no funny smells that may irritate you.

touch - make sure your area is clear of bugs and the likes. stay in a position that is comfortable to you. Relax. Relax and relax.

tire yourself. you cant sleep sometimes because your body isn't tired or exercised enough to call it a day. so deliberately tire yourself. make sure you REALLY get that tired. warning, this might have a negative effect if you don't tire yourself enough making you more alert because of escalated heart rate.

over eating might also help.

drinking a lot of water won't help even if it is practically proven to help you sleep since you may frequently get up to pee or even wet your sheets.

temperature is also a factor. too hot or cold will definitely wake you up. i hope helped you.,...


2009-05-15 23:27:24
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Q: What are some mental ways to fall asleep besides counting?
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Take presribe medications or just overdose!

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No! It is easier to fall asleep when you are relaxed and have no chain of thoughts. Counting sheep just gives you something to focus on and makes it harder to sleep.

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Why do I fall asleep when I sit down?

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you need to remove distractions from your sleeping area and understand that counting sheep is a legitimate way to fall asleep, you need to close your eyes and be comfortable to do this.

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