Johannes Brahms

What are some music pieces thar Brahms had composed?

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Turina and Albeniz both composed some elaborate piano music.

Classical music to read, study or for relaxation: BRAHMS for RELAXATION by PINCHAS ZUKERMAN

Jose Rizal played the flute and composed some pieces of music.

There is no single piece of music by Brahms that is more 'famous' than any other. This type of question is impossible to answer. Some pieces of music may be best known in certain countries, while other pieces will be better known in other countries. Some music becomes famous through live performances, some through recordings, some through being used in TV advertisements, and so on. Some music is well known to professional musicians but not to the general public - and vice versa. There are so many variables that there is really no point in asking the question. A more sensible question would be 'what are some of Brahms's most famous pieces of music?', and answers to that are already available on this site.

There are many famous pieces that were composed by Handel, "The Messiah", "Music For The Royal Fireworks!, "Zadok the Priest", and "Xerxes" are some that spring to mind.

there are many famous pieces that wolfgang amadeus Mozart composed. many of them are played on the show little amadeus. Some of his operas are better.

what are some famous music pieces are in the renaissance category

A few names of works by Brahms are Themes and Variations in D, 7 Fantasies op.116, Trio for Horn, and Symphony no.3.

so far I have not seen the film/movie, but I believe from my own knowledge of the story line and from going to see the ballet that the music from the music box is one of the pieces from the original ballet composed by Tchaikovsky himself. These pieces were fitted for the story line, you can watch some of the dance performances to them on youtube, but his pieces are most likely due to the recurring theme of the black swan/swan lake idea and also because of the popularity of the swan lake music for music boxes.

Where to start!!-Marridge of figoro-Violin concerto-Clarinet concerto-Iene Kliene Nacht Musik-Horn Concerto No.4-Exaltate Jubilate

yes Lully composed music to some of Moliere's plays but after a disagreement Charpentier composed the music to the later plays.

Bach composed well over 1,000 musical pieces. There is no definite number, but some people believe there are 1,127 pieces written by him.

More often than not, sound and music is a form of communication and can be more expressive than words. Taking a classic example, Mozart composed some of the greatest pieces of music known. His works are very expressive and provide a great detail of insight to his emotions and mental state.

Some famous pieces by Irving Berlin are "Puttin' On the Ritz","Let's Dance!", "Steppin' Out With My Baby", "God Bless America", and "White Christmas".

Franz Josef Haydn was a classical composer, who composed, not wrote, many pieces of music, with some estimates at 340 hours of music. His most famous works includeSymphonies Nos. 94-104 (The London Symphonies).The Surprise Symphony

Andante music refers to music at a moderately slow place. There are some examples of andante music. They are featured in many piano pieces and Sonatas by Mozart.

Schubert was most famous for composing classical music. In a lifespan of 32 years, he composed some 600 pieces, and 9 symphonies. Schubert remains one the most frequently performed composers.

Vivaldi's "Winter," from "The Seasons"

some beethoven songs are great like fur elise or ode to joy

Most of it was composed by Andy Pink, but in some sections other composers were used, for example, in the final solo the piano was originally composed by schumann

He wrote the Four Seasons, which are well known - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Both are composed of minerals. Some sedimentary rocks contain pieces of igneous rocks.

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