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What are some mysteries surrounding September 11 2001?

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Conspiracy theriosts believe the evidence points to the towers and Building 7 collapsing because of controlled demolition. They claim that the airplanes hitting the buildings and the resulting fires could not have brought the buildings down in themselves. As part of their arguments, many use the example of a building in Madrid, Spain that burned for hours and did not collapse. However this incident had very little in common with September 11.

Another mystery surrounds the Pentagon. Some believe the evidence suggests that no airplane hit the building. They base this on the size of the hole left in the building and lack of finding many airplane parts at the site, however, their "evidence" is based on what is shown in photographs and anonymous eye-witness accounts. Many photographs that they do not refer to clearly show debris from an airplane outside the wall. Another mystery surrounds why the FBI immediately confiscated video from surrounding businesses that could have recorded the events at the time the damage was made to the Pentagon. Images were later released, which showed that the "video" was actually a stills camera which only took pictures every few seconds, inevitably the plane was moving at such a speed that there was not much visible on the "film" of stills.

There are more that can be found by doing a "September 11, 2001" search on Google.

There are claims that Scientists found chemicals used in demolition blasting material in the dust from the buildings- however this may be explained quite easily by investigating the types of materials used to build the sky scrapers and their chemical components. Conspiracy theorists also cite that there were also perfect angled cuts made in main supports for the building that appear to be man made, however, this can be explained by the design of the building and the way it was erected. Conspiracy theorists also like to cite that several eye witnesses reported hearing several blasts right before the collapse that sounded like gun shots- however, right before the towers collapsed, the conditions right above where the planes struck had become so unbearable that people committed suicide by jumping off the buildings. They were so high up that when their bodies finally hit the ground, the force was so great that the resulting sound sounded like a gunshot/explosion. Be aware that many conspiracy theorists misquote witnesses to make it look as though they actually claimed there were bombs going off, when what they really said was that it *sounded* like a bomb.

Conspiracy theorists also claim that the buildings were felled by controlled demolition, but that they didn't start the demolition until after the building began to collapse. In footage shown on video clips by said Conspiracy theorists, there are images of buildings that are demolished, the characteristics of the demolition do not correlate with the characteristics of the Twin Towers collapse which began from the top of the building, rather than the bottom (as with controlled demolition).

Also, the claim that fire melted the steel. This isn't really a mystery but, Melting point of Iron is 2795ºF Melting point of typical structural steel is 2750ºF

Maximum temperature of hydrocarbon fires burning in the atmosphere without pressurization or preheating is 1517ºF

Fire burns colder when its deprived of oxygen which each tower fire appeared to be deprived of oxygen from the dark smoke (however many instances such as jet fuel may also explain the dark coloured smoke), particularly in the south tower, theoretically causing the fire to burn well below 1472ºF

Also there is no evidence from the ruins of melted steel or iron, but there were pools of melted aluminum found from car rims and other aluminum things. But the melting point of Aluminum is 1220.58°F so we do know the fires were below 1517ºF but above 1220.58°F that's no where NEAR the melting point of steel/iron.

However, the steel would not have had to completely melt to cause the building to collapse, there were never any claims (by authorities) that the steel melted completely. The metal/steel would only need to be weakened by the high levels of heat to give out under the pressure of the higher floors of the building, once in motion, the collapse was inevitable.

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