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Norton, Avast are names for Computer Viruses.

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Q: What are some names for computer viruses?
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List names of computer viruses?

Some names of computer viruses are Actifed, Alabama, and Creeper. A virus can infect your computer at any time.

What are some names of helpful viruses?

There are no real "Helpful Viruses". Viruses are viruses. They make things go wrong with your computer.

Pictures of different types of computer viruses?

names of different computer viruses.

What viruses are spread by email?

Some computer viruses.

Computer virus names?

Computer viruses do not have names like Trojan 78. There is Trojan, traps There is many more.

Can you list of ten computer viruses?

Some computer viruses are ABC, Acid, Techno, Whale, Scores, and Scott's Valley. Some other computer viruses are Simile, Sunday, Navidad, and MDEF.

What are the common computer viruses?

There are a good number of common computer viruses. Some of top computer viruses include Storm, Nimda, Conficker, Elk Cloner and many more.

What are some names of some zombie viruses?

T virus

Could you name some computer viruses and what they do?

name the computer virus

Does gaia give viruses to your computer?

Surely it does for some reason gaia is the main source of viruses it made my computer explodeilovecookies!

What are some names of viruses?

I am sorry but your question is not very precise are you speaking of human viruses or computer viruses.If we are discussing about human viruses here are some:Actinomycosis virusHIVharbor seal virushantaan virusherpes virus etcIf we were talking about computer virusescomputer wormsTrojan horsesroot kitsspy ware etcyou could also like to read some books

What are some computer viruses?

Some major computer viruses are worms, Trojan horses, and code viruses. These viruses are known to be attached to web sites, downloads and unsafe web pages that lure viewers in with rewards or other scams.

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