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What are some names of charities that are focused on animals?

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The African wildlife foundation, animal place, defenders of wildlife, Fund for animals, inc , Marine Mammal Center, Animal defence league

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What are some names of charities that are focused on people?

gay gay gay!

What are some names of charities that focused on people welfare?

The Red Cross and The Salvation Army.

What are some good names for charities?

Second Chance

What are the names of some threatened animals?

Endangered animals

What are some names of different charities?

Their are dog charities, needy charities, homeless charities, watoto charities and a lot of different charities that you can go to or look at if you want to help a charity in need, or if your doing a report on a charity loo here and look at the different charities you can help or look at espesially if you want to adopt a child go to and you can adopt a boy or a girl it doesnt matter what age just help!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the names of some desert animals?

Some names of animals in the deserts are lizards, and some kinds of birds, small rodents, camels, and some a jebora.gerbil

Kids of domestic and wild animals names?

Some of the names of domesticated animals are: Cat, dog, and cow. Some of the names of wild animlas are: Dolphin, dingo, and tiger.

Did Lewis and Clark know the names of the plants and animals they came across?

They knew some of the plants and animals names

What are the names of some charities that accept car donations?

Charities that accept vehicles for donations include Helping Hands and Goodwill. The DonateCarsUSA and CarDonationWizard have lists of charities that accept cars and trucks for donation. The Car Auto Donations section of the BBB /Better Business Bureau has a list of confirmed charities that accept auto donations.

What are some names for Prehistoric Animals?


What are the names of some unicellular animals?

* Amoeba * Paramoecium

What Are Some Weird Names For Animals?

timberly mcdonkey

What are some names of safari animals?

Mr Munyati

What are some names of marsupial animals?

Kangaroo, wallaby

What are some words that contain the names of animals?


What are the Names of asexual animals?

Some names of asexual are worms,sponges,and much more

What are some names of zoo animals?

ebra, Elephant, Rhino, Cougar, Leapord..... Animals.....

What are the names of some animals in the everglades?

alligators minks and many other specific animals

Names of two hermaphrodite animals?

The names of two hermaphrodite animals are : - Earthworms and leeches . also earthworms,snails,slugs and some fish.

What is a sentence for charities?

I have donated to several charities throughout my life, starting when I was just seven years old.He works for two different charities.The charities all attended the event.

What is some of the farm animals names?

some farm animals name is :pigs, horses, rabbits, chickens, and sometimes dogs.

What are some big charities in the UK?

Some charities that are big in the United Kingdom are The Salvation Army, the UK branch of the World Cancer Research Fund, and the Royal Parks Foundation. Many of the largest charities in the UK are parts of worldwide charities.

What are some names of animals starting with J which live in the tundra?

Nope, No animals are starting with a J.

What are some Animals names ending in k?

Skunk, mink.

What are some animals names that start with the letter Ll?

· Llama