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Some hotels located in New York Times Square are: Hilton Times Square, New York Marriott Marquis, Westin New York at Times Square, W New York Times Square and many others. New York Times Square has many hotels located right in or close by. Many of the top name hotels along with locally run can be found.

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What are some hotels near Times Square in New York?

Some hotels near Times Square in New York include The Westin New York, New York Marriott Marquis and The Paramount Hotel. You can get more information about these hotels at the Hotels website.

What are some highly rated hotels in Times Square?

A few of the best hotels in Times Square are the following: Renaissance New York Hotel Times Square, Ameritania at Times Square, Amsterdam Court Hotel, and Candlewood Suites New York City-Times Square.

What hotels are located in or near Times Square?

Some hotels in and around Times Square include The Radisson, Wellington Hotel, The Jewel Hotel New York and the Shoreham Hotel. The good news is that there are hundred of hotels that are walking distance from Times Square because New York is such a busy city.

How many W hotels are in New York?

"There are four W hotels located in New York City. The W New York is located on Lexington Avenue and there are also W hotels in Downtown New York City, Times Square and Union Square."

Where are the expensive hotels in New York?

In New York City mostly near times square

What are some of the famous hotels in New York City?

There are many famous hotels in New York City. The Waldorf Astoria, Crowne Plaza on Times Square and the Grand Hyatt New York are famous New York hotels.

What are the names of some hotels in Manhattan?

There are many hotels in Manhattan, New York. Some of them include The Millennium Broadway Hotel, HIlton Times Square, Hotel Chandler, The Belvedere and Helmsley Park Lane Hotel.

What are some good hotels in Times Square?

According to a Hotwire survey some good Hotels in Times Square in New York are The Millennium Broadway Hotel (was rated 4.1 out of 5), The Hilton Times Square (Rated 4.5 out of 5). The Pearl New York rated a 4.8 out of 5.

Where did times sq get its name?

Times Square is names after the New York Times building.

How many W Hotels are in New York City?

New York City is equipped with four W Hotels. The locations of the hotels are:W Hotel New York Hotel - Lexington AveW New York Downtown Hotel - Washington StreetW New York Times Square Hotel - Broadway at 47thW Hotel New York Union Square - Park Avenue

Does the Westin Times Square Hotel ever offer discounts?

The Westin New York at Times Square is the perfect hotel in Manhattan, New York, and reservations are easy to make! Many hotels even offer special packages and discounts on their websites for hotels in Manhattan and more specifically Time Square

How many Hyatt hotels are there in New York?

There are 2 Hyatt hotels in the city of New York, located in New York state. If you want to room in one, contact the chief manager of the Hyatt Times Square.

Are there any Edison Hotels in New York?

Affirmative, there are quite a few Edison Hotels in New York City and New York state. The most commonly known one is in Times Square; the service is also known to be out of this world.

Where can a person find a listing of hotels close to Time Square in New York?

With Expedia a person can search through over 140,000 Hotels in the US and there are many other sites a person can use to find a hotel near Times Square in New York.

Which 7 hotels have rooms that overlook the Macy's Parade?

There are many hotels along the route. Here are a few along the route: New York Marriott Marquis (the lobby is on the 8th floor and there are restaurants and lounges that overlook Times Square), Trump International Hotel & Tower New York, Bryant Park Hotel, Sheraton Manhattan Hotel at Times Square, the Wellington Hotel, and the Renaissance New York Hotel in Times Square.

What hotels are available near Broadway in New York City?

Some of the hotels that are near Broadway in New York City are: Milford Plaza, The Time Hotel, Hilton Times Square, Hotel St. James, Night and Paramount.

What are some good centrally located hotels in NYC?

There are several good, centrally located hotels in New York City. Some of these include Park Central New York, Hilton Times Square, The Muse Hotel, and The Night Hotel.

What hotels in NY have quality suites?

"There are many different hotels that have quality suites in New York. Depending on where you go, or want to stay, or how much you want to spend, you will have a wide variety of hotels to choose from. New York City has hotels like W, Hyatt Grand Central, Paramount Hotel Times Square and Radisson Lexington."

Where is the Comfort Inn New York located?

Comfort Inn is a hotel brand of Choice Hotels International which is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. They have 3 hotels in New York. One in Manhattan, one in Chelsea and one at Times Square.

Where can one find the Sheraton Hotel in New York?

Sheraton is one of the most luxury hotels. The hotels are placed in the world's biggest and important cities. The Sheraton in New York is placed by Times Square. more precisely 7th Ave at 52nd street.

Who thought of Times Square?

Times Square is named after the New York Times.

What are some of the most popular Boutique Hotels in New York City?

There are a number of very popular Boutique hotels in New York City. Some of the most popular one's are the 'Library Hotel', 'Crosby Street Hotel', 'Hotel Elysee' and the 'Casablanca Hotel Times Square'.

In which city is the Marriott Marquis located?

The Marriott Marquis Hotel is one of the Marriott group of hotels and is situated in New York City, New York, USA, right in the middle of the famous Times Square.

What are some good, but cheap New York City hotels?

Some low cost good quality hotels in New York would be The Hampton Inn Times Square North, Hilton Garden Inn, Salisbury Hotel, and The Hampton Inn Madison Square Garden. All of these hotels cost about $200 to $240 per night. If you need something cheaper The Chelsea Lodge costs about $99 a night.

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