What are some natural ways to help you go into labor?

== == There are a number of natural methods:

* take a long walk * eat spicy foods (with chili peppers) * have sex with an orgasm and hips elevated to allow sperm to rest on the cervix * eat, drink or insert herbs such as flaxseed oil, black or blue cohosh, evening primrose oil, cumin seed, GoldSeal tincture (research doses and uses for safe and effective results)

* drink Castor oil with orange juice (again, do some research first)

* nipple stimulation and/or pumping colostrum * enema with or without herbs added

* put acupressure on the "spleen 6" area * deep relaxation or meditation * eat a honeydew melon

* sit on a yoga/exercise ball

There are also massages, acupuncture and chiropractic methods that a practitioner can help you with. Avoid methods that can be stressful or harmful to your baby such as fasting and dehydration. While these may start your labor, they can cause unwanted and harmful complications.

I will tell you what worked for me twice, sexual intercourse! Within 6-8 hours I was in labour! Its to do with the semen softening up the cervix. Scrubbing the kitchen floor. It used to be thought that this was an old (mid)wives tale, but research has shown that the 'hands and knees' position does help because it helps the baby turn into the best position for its head to fit tightly to the cervix. I had a first time Mum in labour who was having quite a difficult time, even in the birthing pool. She then turned onto all fours, water supporting her bump, and had her baby within the hour. Sexual intercourse works too, there is prostin in semen, which is what is used to soften the cervix if you are being induced (prostin that is, not semen)