What are some negative aspects of Hinduism?

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The classist and racist system of caste, an apathy of social injustices by resignation to "karma".
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What are some negative aspects of homeschooling?

not much of a social life besides friends you already have It's really not bad. If you parents are doing it correctly you will learn a lot more than you would in public school. Community functions and church groups can lessen the isolation of being at home. If your parents are doing it correctly ( Full Answer )

What are some of the negative aspects of animals being kept in a zoo?

1. Keeping animals in zoos means that they only have access to a limited amount of space. Some enclosures are too small and I have seen many animals that have barely enough room to turn round in. 2. Many social animals are kept alone and suffer from boredom. Social animals should be kept in groups, ( Full Answer )

What are some negative aspects of the internet?

There are a number of negative aspects of the internet. This hasbeen used to promote some social evils like pornography, familytime has been replaced by social networks and it also gives toomuch exposure to children if not regulated among others.

What are some negative aspects of technology?

Some negative aspects oftechnology would be; traditional interference, self inducing social Darwinism, anti-socialistic communities, and financial recession. also it can blow up and set fire and slowness

What are some negative aspects of politics?

corruption is one.politicians could be corrupt, this would stifle the welfare of society and prevent the deserving from receving the aid they need.

What were some negative aspects of Gandhi's life?

1. even he was a learned man he was a vegetrian he ate meat when he left india. 2. gandhi gave up his sexual intercourse at the age of 45. 3. he got married at the age of 8.

What are some positive and negative aspects of communism?

Some obvious positive aspects of Communism are that there are no rich people or poor people; wealth is divided evenly. Many more jobs are available, and there is no upper- or lower-class. Everyone makes the same amount of money. However, Communism can't really exist. People would take advantage of t ( Full Answer )

What are some negative aspects of being a marine biologist?

Quite simply, the most ominous and obvious negative aspect to all occupations is death. For being a marine biologist, some negative aspects could be: being away from their families long and irregular hours being bit/attacked by something risk of diseases and many many more

The Positive Aspects and Negative Aspects about a Zoo?

Positive Aspects . zoos breed animals that may become extinct in captivity . zoos exhibit animals in enclosure that look like their natural habitat . zoos are a form of family entertainment . Zoos provide a safe home and regular meals for the animals . zoos educate the public about the animals ( Full Answer )

What are negative aspects?

negative things that have little bity aspecta around them which means that they are gone

Why some people see only the negative aspect?

Some people see a negative side of things because they were either just brought up that way or they just like to wallow in their own self pity and hate the world.

What are some negative aspects about Christianity?

ANSWER: The "bad things" about Christianity is the fact that there thousands of churches that claim to follow the Teachings of Christ. Christ roundly condemned interdenominationalism (``And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.'' Mark 3:25).

What are some negative aspects about agriculture?

Poorly-managed farms and ranches can contribute to pollution through pesticide abuse or emissions violations, soil erosion through lack of proper stewardship, and animal cruelty through ignorant or willful mistreatment of animals. As farms become larger and fewer people are involved with agriculture ( Full Answer )

What are the negative and positive aspects of prohibition?

Negative: No freedom to choose. Promoted illegal activity. Growth of organized crime. Widespread corruption of public officials. Sale of tainted alcohol that caused paralysis, blindness and even death. Disrespect for law. Development of widespread binge drinking. Public cynicism. Loss of tax revenue ( Full Answer )

What are some negative aspects of entry-level jobs?

Negative aspects of entry level jobs might be, they: . don't pay much . have little to no benefits . have little to no vacation or sick time . don't offer full-time usually . have little to no job security . have high turnover rates . have slow advancement usually . often require employees ( Full Answer )

What are some negative aspects of Islam?

There is really NO negative aspects taught in Islam. You may see mistakes or sins committed by Muslims but this does not mean that Islam is teaching any bad thing but it's the human faults of the followers of Islam as in any religion from which they have to repent.

Aspect of dharma in Hinduism?

Hinduism is the way of life and Hindu Dharma believes and professes religion is but telling right thing Right and wrong as Wrong. That is the definition of Dharma according to Vedas and Upanishads

Aspect of moksha in Hinduism?

Hinduism believes in the theory of incarnation and rebirth. To get rid from this cycle of birth and rebirth, all the Hindu Scriptures lay emphasis for the human kind to get moksha by purifying one's soul by godly acts.

Aspect of Maya in Hinduism?

Under the influence of the three gunas (qualities), the soul is misled by matter and subsequently entangled and entrapped. This tendency is termed as Maya (illusion). Under Maya's influence, the Atman soul), is mistakenly identified with the body. He accepts such thoughts as "I am white and I am a ( Full Answer )

What are some of the positive and negative aspects associated with boot camps?

Well, many people think that the super-strict atmosphere of boot camp will teach a child obedience, respect and discipline. Another perspective is that the strictness of boot camp is harsh, and possibly damaging. Regardless of which side your on, there are certainly some people who are not emotional ( Full Answer )

What is the negative or positive aspect of religion?

Positives: .It makes people understand about how life started and other religious theory. .It makes people understand why some stuff happens. Negatives: .People say that some of the theory's are wrong and start fighting over it.

What are some negative aspects of tourism in Spain?

Spain has the lowest women employment rate. Also the mean sport of bullfighting is enjoyed by the Spanish. Finally, there is a lot of drug offenses in Spain especially between the young people.

What are the negative aspects of feudalism?

One negative of feudalism was the fact that only a few people had the majority of the power; which is a common negative aspect of many political organizations. It depended on there being little communication and once communication became more prominent feudalism started to decline.

What are the negative aspects of hydroelectric energy?

Changes both upstream and downstream habitat to both water and land Can displace people - sometimes 100,000s Can impact fish migration patterns Puts canyons under water and sometimes destroys recreation areas Much higher levels of water evaporation

What is a negative aspect of being a judge?

Well, it is VERY difficult to even become a Judge. You have to first attend Law School and become an Attorney (the more experience, the better) (Law school takes typically 7 years) So let's say you're an Attorney for 5 years. That's 12 years right there. Then, to become a Judge you have to do many t ( Full Answer )

What are some negative aspects of dams?

When a river is dammed, valuable freshwater habitats, such as waterfalls, rapids and prime fish runs are lost. The impact on fish and other aquatic organisms is obvious, but the ecological ramifications go beyond the river. Wildilfe that depends on the water or on food chains involving aquatic organ ( Full Answer )

What are some negative aspects of Tiberius as Roman Emperor?

Tiberius was an interesting emperor as he had a lot of problems, both personal and political. His personality was his biggest negative aspect. He was a dour old sourpuss, but perhaps events in his life made him that way. He abandoned Rome and left the day to day running of the empire to a subordinat ( Full Answer )

What are some negative aspects of nuclear power?

Well, these disadvantages may include nuclear waste, nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl and the more recent Fukushima event. The fuels themselves that are used to power the plant such as uranium are in low amounts. The sources provided have extra information if you need.

What are some negative aspects of a cat?

Cats have predatory instincts and even if you feed them, they may still kill birds for fun. Cats can be very demanding about when they are let into and out of your house. They may get into fights with other cats. They can become sick for many different reasons, just as people can, and will require t ( Full Answer )

What are some positive and negative aspects of the Code of Hammurabi?

Positive Sides: . Hammurabi's Code was formed on the basis of modern law. . Women's right was recognised. . People dared not to file false cases. . More or less nobody could escape from the rule. Negative Sides: . All were not treated equally by the law. . There was hardly any correcti ( Full Answer )

What are some negative aspects of this job?

Without knowing exactly what job you are referring to it is impossible to accurately answer this question. Having this question in both the "Pediatrician" and "Image and Graphic Editing" categories makes it even more confusing. Please edit/re-state your question.

What aspects of Hinduism does Ramayana represent?

The Ramayana represents many good aspects of Hinduism. Righteousness, kindness, compassion, truthfulness, generosity, altruism, affection, courage, and the importance of fulfilling the promises are some of them that are represented in the Ramayana.

What are the aspects of Hinduism?

Know dharma, and live per it correctly. . Earn your living by staying within dharma. . Enjoy with the senses but within the constrains given in dharma . By living so, attain freedom from birth-death cycles, ore live with god or realize God.

Is reincarnation an aspect of Hinduism?

Yes absolutely. Reincarnation is a central belief in Hinduism. Hindus believe that we are not this body; we are spirit-souls who take on a particular body, and a particular life, each time we are born. For example, the body I have now is female, American, and upper-middle class. But that is not nece ( Full Answer )

What key aspect of Hinduism did buddha reject?

Lord buddha did not like the Caste System & the idea of onehuman supreme to other. He also did not like the idea of praying toGod while people are starving.

What are some negative aspects of breakups?

- Lonely - No one to cuddle and kiss - Can't message them all the time everyday - Miss them like crazy - Feel like you have lost yourself - Become depressed - Become scared for your future - Fear of ending up alone

Which are the aspects of Hinduism?

There are many aspects of Hinduism such as Austerity (tapaḥ)Compassion (dayā) Truthfulness (satyam) & Dharma (righteousliving). Also their belief have theories such as Kāma (enjoyment)Moksha (liberation) or Nirvana (Liberation).