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What are some non-sexual ways a girl can make the time she spends with a guy special?


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Be interested in him. Learn about body language. Be able to understand what is important to him, and be able to carry on an intelligent conversation without being unplesant. An intelligent, worthwhile man will value an intelligent, thoughtful woman.
Too many women are able to look good but have nothing inside their head beyond the ability to color coordinate and send text messages.

NEW ANSWER: Something else you may want to keep in mind, guy friendships are largely project or task oriented. We like 'doing' things together. That's why you always see us working on cars, repaving the driveway or adding onto the deck together. It's encoded in our DNA to make things and take things apart and working on projects together is a huge part of how guys relate to each other. If you want to really connect with him on another level try taking an interest in his next 'project' (and we all have at least one) and ask if you can work on it with him.