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Be interested in him. Learn about body language. Be able to understand what is important to him, and be able to carry on an intelligent conversation without being unplesant. An intelligent, worthwhile man will value an intelligent, thoughtful woman.
Too many women are able to look good but have nothing inside their head beyond the ability to color coordinate and send text messages.

NEW ANSWER: Something else you may want to keep in mind, guy friendships are largely project or task oriented. We like 'doing' things together. That's why you always see us working on cars, repaving the driveway or adding onto the deck together. It's encoded in our DNA to make things and take things apart and working on projects together is a huge part of how guys relate to each other. If you want to really connect with him on another level try taking an interest in his next 'project' (and we all have at least one) and ask if you can work on it with him.
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How do you make a girl feel special?

You can make a girl feel special by giving her honest, for real love. Not false love, like going out with her for two days and dumping her.

How can you make your girlfriend or a girl you like feel really special?

Treat her like she is special. She is.

How does a guy turn a girl on?

Touch her and make her feel special!!!

How do you make a girl stay happy?

You should make her feel special and try not to make her mad.

What make a girl happy?

When you tease her just enough to not make her mad. Make her special. When you play around with her and hug her. Give her something special that he will remember.

How to make a girl love?

Making a girl love someone can be hard. I would try doing what she likes and make her feel special.

How do you get a girl chasing after you?

Be nice to her, treat her special and make her feel happy

How do you make a girl ask you to a school dance?

yu make her feel special and trust me yu have to be cute

How do you make a girl you like feel special?

Give her roses,send her cards etc

How to get a popular girl to like you?

You flirt with her and make her feel special. Treat her with respect that she deserves.

How do you ask out a girl at age twelve?

comfort her make her feel like she is a special person to you

Make a girl like you?

to make a girl like you make her feel special tell her somethings about her and if that dosent work then just tell her you want to go out with her but remember dont be shy when asking her/him out good luck

WHat should you do when a girl who likes you looks at you and you look back?

Wink at her or something, make her feel special

What do Jews do to celebrate the birth of a girl?

we make a special public Kiddush celebration on the first Sabbath.

How do you prove you like a girl?

tell her that you love her and make her feel special... works fo me tbh

How do you make a kiss special?

Its really easy! You need to cut off your penis and you throw it in the girl

What is girls make happy?

girl can happy,if they boyfriend give something,that the girl never have it before. that their boyfriend do something special, no need to be romantic

How did they make the blueberry girl in willie wonka?

It was special effects that made Violet into a blueberry. " Violet your violet."

How did the girl and her grandpa in butterfly house make the house special for the butterfly?

butterflies like colorful things

Why is Greece in so much trouble?

Government spends more then it can make.

What is special about the Girl Guide handshake?

The Girl Guide/Girl Scout handshake is made by shaking left hands. While shaking left hands, the Girl Guide/Girl Scout uses her right hand to make the Girl Guide/Girl Scout sign.

What do you do when you think a girl likes you?

Well, in my point of view you can make her feel special when your chatting in a group. That's if you like her.

What does a girl want on their first date?

Good conversation, someone who can make them laugh, a gentleman and just to feel special.

How do you make your girl feel special?

treat them with respect, loyalty, honesty, and love. Dont cheat. Do things she enjoys

What can you say to a girl to make her love you?

You Can't Say Stuff To A Girl To Make Her Love You... You Have To Treat Her Right, Be Sweet & Kind To Her. Take Her Out. Just Make Her Feel Special & Things Should Fall Into Place, Unless ... She Just Has No Feelings For You Whatsoever.