What are some nonliving things?

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Nonliving things are those which do not display life, such as rocks, water, glass.

(The term organic is used to mean items or substances created by life, even if the material is no longer part of a living thing, e.g. oil, wood, coral, seashells.)

The 5 characteristics of living things:

1. Living things are made up of one or more cell

2. Living things obtain and use energy

3. Living things grow and develop

4. Living things reproduce

5. Living things respond and adapt to their environment (Homoeostasis)

Biologists have classified viruses as "living" because they are made of the same types of proteins as other life. But they display very different life cycles.

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What are some nonliving things in a tropical rainforest?

Some nonliving things in a rainforest are clouds, rocks, and soil. Soil is not neccesarily nonliving. The nutrients inside of it are living, but soil is not.

What are some nonliving things in a cave?

Nonliving things in a cave are stalagtites and stalagmites, rocks, dirt, water, etc.

What are some nonliving things in an ocean?


What are some nonliving things underwater?


What are some nonliving things in a snowy mountain?

Nonliving things on a snowy mountain are snow, water, ice, rocks, and soil.

Which are made of matter living things only some living and all nonliving things both living and nonliving things?

All are made from matter.

What nonliving things might you find in an ecosystem-?

Some nonliving things that you might find in an ecosystem is air, water and mineral soil.

What are some nonliving things in the ocean?

rocks and sand

What are some nonliving things in a grassland?

dirt and rocks

Nonliving things in a tundra ecosystem?

Some nonliving things in the tundra ecosystem include the soil and the sunlight. Another nonliving feature of the tundra includes the precipitation in the form of snow or rain.

What are some ways living and nonliving things interact with each other?

Animals step on dirt, which is nonliving.

What are some nonliving things that have metabolism?

Fire. Fire is nonliving and it has a metabolism because it eats cloths and wood.

What are nonliving things in the taiga?

Some nonliving thing that interact with the taiga are the air ,the sun , water , soil

What are some living and non living things in a sloths habitat?

some living things are: insects some nonliving things are: rocks

What are some characteristics of non living things?

nonliving things are things that don't use energy

What separates the living from the nonliving things?

What seperates the living from nonliving things?

What are some nonliving parts of the ecosystems?

Rocsks , soil, sunlight, water, oxygen, are nonliving things cause they are not alive

What are some nonliving things in the grassland?

dirt,rocks,and hills

What are some nonliving things in the Grand canyon?

The Colorado river

What are some nonliving things in the Arctic?

soil, water, salt

What are some nonliving things in the tundra?

Ice, water and air.

What are some nonliving things that live in a temprete rainforest?

because it is

What are nonliving things and living things of a pronghorn?

what are the nonliving things and living things for a pronghorn

Are tress living things or nonliving things?

Trees are living things, until they die; then they are nonliving things.

How living things and nonliving things are different?

Living things can move and nonliving things can't move