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George Washington

What are some of George Washington's accomplishments?



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Instrumental in starting the French and Indian War.

Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, though learning from trial and error, he ensured its survival long enough for France to assist in the winning the war and eventually the British tired of the expense of the war.

Post the revolutionary war, Washington was offered the ability to become King but refused such notions in the name of Liberty and Freedom.

Voted unanimously President of the Constitutional Congress that revised the articles of confederation and developed the current constitution. He was essential to the convention since without his presence the convention would have not held much weight. The office of the presidency was essentially designed around him. When they asked him what they should call him he said, "Just call me Mr. President".

First President of United States. The only president to be voted unanimously each time.

The only founding Father to free his slaves.

Even during his own lifetime he was known as The Father of His Country.

Established the Bank of the United States and unified all the states debts into a national system to establish credit abroad.

Stopped the Whiskey Rebellion

1793 proclamation of neutrality

Signed Jay's Treaty in 1795

Established the cabinet

1795 Pinckney's Treaty

Most importantly, he gave up the office when he could have served for life. He is thus known as the Cincinnatus of America for putting the country's values and needs before his own. Cincinnatus was the Roman general that after being defeating the roman enemies, voluntarily gave up power instead of becoming king.

His Farewell Address shaped the course of the nation for the next hundred years and is considered a primer in republican virtues.he is so amazing