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Bad breath, a penis, and being clingy.


The absolute biggest turn off for me is someone who is just gross and immature.


Everything everyone else said, and for me at least, I hate piercings and tattoos.


Trying to 'change' a man...not allowing a man to be a man...dragging him along shopping...making him hold your hand bag... suggesting eyebrow waxing...


Wanting to spend every moment together.. flirting with another man.. over weight.. talking about their ex bf.. talking negatively about your partner.


Who cares? If you spend your whole life worrying over what turns somebody on or off, you'll never be true to yourself.

Yes#2 Wanting to change us, As if you think were broke, and only you can fix us, or you think we need a woman to fix us. WE DON"T! We are fine leave us alone! You have girl friends, Drag them along shopping. However I have never seen a GF holding another girl's hand bag! What is up with that! I Only see wussy guys holding GFs hand-bag. You women have GFs use them, we men also have male friends and we do not need nor want you as a friend. A girlfriend is not the same as a friend.

Yes#4 Clingyness and #3 EVERY-MOMENT-TOGETHER!

Yes#3 Talking negatively in general. But true we don't need nor want to hear about EXs. In fact just plain talking is not so good,Blab,Blab,Blab it never quits.

Yes#1 I like motorcycling and cycle chicks, But tattoos & piercing! NO WAY!

Yes#3 Overweight, Butch hair, Loud mouth-can't shut their mouth Skanky women!







Please ladies...I just want you to know that not all guys can tell us everything. You have to be sensitive enough to feel it and to know it.



2. A big one for me is when a woman answers a phone call/texts while you are talking to her..


A couple of my friends have told me that the things that turn them off the most is when I girl wears a lot of makeup and when their girlfriends gossips about her friends to them. It makes the girl look in genuine, cheap, and makes the guy worry that she gossips about him behind his back.

- For this one girl i love, there are no turn off's, shes my perfect woman, and I've met her at 14


1. armpit hair

2. hippydippity spaced out freakazoid

3. has a gun

4. is a satanist

5. can't stop saying the word "like"

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